New York & Adele

Well today was the reason why we’ve flown 3300 miles and that’s to see Adele at Radio City Hall. This is the reason why this post is called New York & Adele.

But before then we had a day of sightseeing & shopping. Guess who had organised the sightseeing & who had organised the shopping? Yes you’re right. Sightseeing = Gary & shopping = Michele. Is it now I use the hashtag (#) brokenman?

Neither of us had slept too soundly as New York is 5 hours behind the UK so we were wide awake by 05:00 (10:00 UK time).

Up and out then by 08:00 and heading west in a yellow cab towards the 911 memorial. A little earlier than we should have been as you’re given a time slot to visit the 911 museum, so it was of on search of some breakfast. Fresh bagels with cream cheese and coffee. Once in the 911 museum we had 2.5 hours of everything 911. We saw salvaged steel columns, crushed fire engines, the only non broken pane of glass window & video footage and memories of the people that perished. The external areas were simple in design but effective and helped to sum up the scale of the area damaged.

I pursued Michele to take a rice on the NYC underground where we got off at Times Square which I think was the setting place as we were heading over to Bloomingdales in search of a purse for one of the lads wives from work. Purse found but at the cost of $174 for a purse are you kidding?! Michele declared Bloomingdales was more expensive than Macy’s and now wanted to go there, SFU of we went in a taxi. More handbags and purses bought at silly prices before I ushered Michele out and back to the hotel to drop the shopping off.

Now the main event Adele.

More walking as the taxis were either full or knocking off for the night.

Got to Radio City Hall one hour early, checked where we were picking the tickets up from and wandered off on search of a beer. $37 (£20) dollars for two drinks 🙁

Drinks finished now to collect the tickets. Nooooooo the queue was now 1 hour 20 minutes long! Guess who got the blame – yup Gary! We meet some nice people in the queue and had a giggle. Finally picked the tickets up and we were in. Michele spotted David Schwimmer and another famous lady and she seemed happy. Just down the row from our seats in mezzanine level 3 were 2 measures who had also won tickets and had flown in from Birmingham.

Adele performed for about an hour and 15 minutes, she charted with the audience, swore at certain points and sing beautifully. Adele – all I can say is fantastic and we’ll worth the trip. Michele was in her element singing away. Don’t worry Adele your job is safe.

No back at the hotel and Michele is asleep, best nod off myself night.

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