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My full time job is being employed by ARCADIS as CAD Manager (Computer Aided Design). I am based in the Manchester office.

I have been employed by ARCADIS since 1979 when it was originally known as Povall Worthington, however I have not always been employed as the CAD Manager. My original training was as an Architectural Technician. As computers developed more in the construction industry Computer Aided Design (CAD) took a greater hold. As the business developed more & became committed to using CAD software for the designs they worked on I became the CAD Manager.

  • 1997 – Povall Worthington merged with Flood and Wilson to form PF+W (Povall Flood + Wilson).
  • 2000 – PF+W merged with EC Harris.
  • 2011 – EC Harris merged with ARCADIS. ARCADIS are a Built Asset Consultancy, Employing many disciplines within the construction industry.

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