Manchester to New York

Up at 05:00 to avoid the rush hour traffic, but I don’t think either one of us had slept very well. We made it to Sam’s to leave the car and we were even in time to wake Harry, who greeted me with a big smiley face. We only managed to drink a couple of mouthfuls of our coffee before the taxi arrived to take us to Manchester Airport. We said good bye and were on our way with a dash across the Atlantic in a trip from Manchester to New York.

Checked in OK with Delta and off for some breakfast, but not before Michele passed through the duty free area and the perfume stands. Purfume bought now for breakfast at Frankie & Benny’s. However on the way through security Michele’s hand bag was taken to one side for extra checks!!!

A short wait at the gate and we were boarding, well I was as Michele was stopped again for another security check!! Bag checked and shoes checked only thing that was missing was the rubber gloves! Come on Mrs C squat and cough!

The cabin crew made us feel welcome and announced it was a complimentary bar and guess what no driving for me when we land. Samuel Adams, Blue Moon & Heineken on offer. Michele had vodka and orange. The food with Delta was good too.

Then we were into JFK Airport, the queue through passport control was not too long, in-fact we queued longer for the ‘Yellow cab taxi’ at the taxi rank. $59 for the fixed fare into New York which was OK but the driver gave me travel sickness!!! Which was the first time in years.

We checked in to our hotel (Affinia, Manhattan) and then headed out to get our bearings. Times square, Rockerfella Centre and Bryant Park before heading back to the hotel to sleep.

Night all

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