New York – the final day

Yesterday was known as ‘New York – The final Day’

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We were up and out before 09:00 shopping AGAIN, but not sure there are too many bargains to be had in this city. Not like in Chicago but then again in Chicago we were living like locals rather than tourists.

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No Jelly Belly Beans found in Macy’s so that hunt was knocked on the head! But Michele had other ideas for shopping and we were off in search for the Levi’s store. This time we were lucky and in the sizes we wanted too!

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Now i could have my breakfast of cream cheese bagel with coffee in a small local deli tucked away down by the side of Macy’s.

Then back to the hotel to pack the bag & check out. Bag dropped off with the concierge & we were off again this time looking for the bus tour guys. The route agreed and we were on the ‘downtown’ route heading towards the Brooklyn Bridge. As we waved our way through the street and avenues listening to our tour guide pumping our ears with his knowledge on everything New York.

Things i learn’t are 5th Avenue is 6.5 miles long, to buy an apartment in Manhattan you’ll need anything from $2.5 million upwards!!

After 2 hours on the ‘downtown’ bus we changed at Central Park to get on the ‘Uptown’ route and took in the sights of Central Park, Grants tomb & Museum Mile. By the time we were starting to feel the cold Easterly wind coming in off the Hudson River, Michele’s cue to disappear inside the bus rather than sitting up on the top deck freezing. I managed to hold out until we passed through Harlem then i too gave in and went downstairs to keep warm,

When we got off the bus at Times Square we had just over an hour to find somewhere to eat before we needed to be on the road back to JFK Airport.  Michele decided that we’d eat at Bubba Gumps Restaurant based on the Film Forest Gump. Wow good choice.

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Center map

Now for the taxi ride back to JFK, we had an interesting Jamaican driver that worked his taxi in NYC for 6 months per year before heading home to Florida for the summer. He kept us entertained for the 75 minute drive. He was a far better driver than the one that took us into the city.

Airport security was tight at JFK which is no issue as they are keeping us safe. Once through security Michele was off shopping again, while i went and had a beer. The beer was a great tasting IPA, but should have been for $12.70 (£8.34). Michele returned with her collection of Jelly Belly Beans & joined me for a beer.

The flight was a busy flight on the way home but still the great service by the Delta team. The only downside was that we had a young child about 5 years old whinging away when we should have all been going to sleep!

Sam & Harry met us at the airport and it was great to feel wanted as Harry ran over shouting Pompa, He’s not managed Grandpa yet but i’m sure he will do in time.

I worked from home today but have struggled with a little bit of jet-lag.


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