Date night – A Star is Born

Tonight was date night for Mrs C and myself and we’d planned to go to the cinema to watch the latest block buster – A Star is Born.

First we headed for something to eat at Coast to Coast and both had burgers. Not what I was expecting but pleasantly surprised as they were not the tall, impossible to eat, gourmet burgers that seem to be the norm in some restaurants but they were  easy to hold and eat.

Mrs C had pre-booked tickets but explained that we would be sat near the front. Not what I wanted but all that was left was row C. Not too had and certainly not as close as I thought they’d be. By the time the trailers had started the place was full.

The film revolved around a chance meeting between Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) an established musician and Ally (Lady Gaga) a young musician who appeared to be giving up on her dream in a bar where a bunch of drag queens were holding an open mic night.

Jack (Jackson) and Ally had an instant connection but as their relationship developed their careers took different directions.

A gripping story-line, fantastically directed by Bradley Cooper who also starred as Jackson, his voice both with verbal dialogue & his singing capability were great. How he kept up the gravelly voice was amazing. Sadly he was not as strong with his acting in the latter third of the film but Lady Gaga held the film together with a strong, raw and earthy performance as Ally and you can see why she is being linked with a potential Oscar nomination. I expected her singing to be excellent but wow can she act, hell yes.

Well done all, a must watch film.

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