Class of 92

It’s not the first time he’s outshone his peers but yet again Paul Scholes stole the show – this time at the Manchester screening of the Class of 92, instead of on the football pitch.

It came as no surprise to the die-hard Reds that the ginger maestro pipped his more lauded team-mates like David Beckham, even on the silver screen, thanks to a series of dry put-downs that had the audience in fits of laughter.

It turns out Scholesy can time a gag better than he can time a tackle.

And Ryan Giggs – often dour in post-match interviews – wasn’t far behind with a string of fantastic anecdotes about the mates who’d gone on a journey from the 1992 FA Youth Cup to the Nou Camp on an amazing night in Barcelona seven years later.

Their talent was made in Manchester. Beckham may have been a Londoner and Giggs originally from Cardiff but they became the greatest of Mancunians when they joined the Reds alongside Nicky Butt (Gorton), Gary and Phil Neville (Bury), and, of course, Scholes (Middleton).

Class of ’92 reunite for premiere of their rise to stardom

The film is a heart-warming tale of boyhood friends who became superstars.

Film-making brothers Gabe and Ben Turner plot the rise to stardom of six mates from winning the Youth Cup in 1992 to being crowned Champions League winners on a night at Nou Camp.

It traces the friendship of working class lads who were thrown together as teenagers to the high watermark of their combined success, that amazing treble, capped off in Barcelona in 1999 when United scored two heart-stopping goals in injury time to beat Bayern Munich.

“It was the happiest I’ve ever felt on a football pitch,” said Giggs, and no-one doubts him.

Others from that 1992 team, Robbie Savage, George Switzer, Andy Noone and Raphael Burke, also contribute to the film, although they never graduated from that class of 92 with honours in the manner of Becks and co.

Radcliffe’s Danny Boyle and Mani from the Stone Roses are among the many names who wax lyrical about the lads’ ascendancy, which began when Madchester was at its peak and when cool Britannia was first coined.

United fans will love it, City fans might think it a piece of pointless wallowing in nostalgia but the truth is this is a documentary which even non-football lovers will enjoy because it centres around a story of six ordinary lads who shot to fame.

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