Chicago – Day Fourteen

Well that’s two weeks gone bye and I’m still convinced that it’s floating bye slowly. I think that we are all chilled and relaxed from work. The kids have all behaved themselves apart for the odd slip. Chris has been teaching Lewis about cars and Lewis I think has been listening even though some of it goes over his head! Josh and Elle (ying and yang) have been separated today as Elle has been to her dad’s.

We sat out for breakfast and part of the morning in the back garden soaking up the sun and were joined by one of the chipmunks who was having his breakfast until there was a woosh in the garden as a bird a little bigger than a wood pigeon flew through looking for something to eat, luckily the chipmunk was quick and the bird missed out on a free feed.



When the boys surfaced they wanted to go shopping again which was OK as we needed to take some things back that didn’t quite fit.

First stop though was Costco! We all like shopping at Costco back home, so this was the chance to see how the brand worked in the US. No difference at all to the UK set up with the store laid out in exactly the same way as back home! The price seemed to be cheaper than in the UK too 😕

Then off shopping, first mall was the one at Oak Brook Lewis was teasing himself in yet another cook shop looking at knives but decided not to buy one.

Following Oak Brook we had a quick stop at home to drop some bags off before heading out to Premier Outlet at Aurora for some more exchanges. Josh was busy buying jeans for his mates while Lewis was getting himself (and Craig his mate) a Chicago Bulls vest – not sure if he will actually wear it at home though!

Now sat drinking a screwdriver and typing my blog while Mrs C sits drinking a Smirnoff Ice while she watches X Men on TV

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