Well we landed back in the UK after a 9 hour flight back from Jamaica with ZERO sleep on the flight. We had premium seats & enough booze to send a wino to sleep but I was unable to sleep.

After a terrible time at the carousel waiting for our bags to appear which seemed to take an eternity we were off through customs & passport control without a hitch to be met by Mrs C’s parents.

We said our goodbyes to our special friends David & Beverley & headed off into the Manchester rain. Upon arriving home my parents had put the kettle on as they’d stayed at ours looking after the 2 boys. Oh what a difference a good cuppa tea makes.

Spent the day working from home clearing the plethora of emails I’d received & working through the usual CAD Management queries. Also spent the day fighting the jetlag.

Mrs C insisted I had to stay awake until at least 22:00hrs so that the jetlag didn’t take hold, that was a hard thing to do. I watched United in the evening & that didn’t help the jetlag at all as they were poorer than poor.

Then had 3 full days in the office & each day dragged with the jetlag taking hold. Early nights didn’t even shift it.

The guys & gals at work had a collection for me fo my 50th & I was treated to some wine a decent bottle of malt whiskey & 4 cans of Red Stripe (Jamaican beer) which sat tempting me on my desk all day!

On thursday I tidied up some of the gifts I’d been given for my birthday & ended smashing a full bottle of Rioja all over me! I can blame this on the jetlag.

Weekend finally arrived & we had a fairly decent lie in (10:45) which seemed to kill of the jetlag.

Saturday night I watch Dr No & saw some familiar sights from Jamaica (Crab Quay & Dunns River Falls).

Sunday we went over to see Harry, Sam, Matt & Drew. We als o caught up with my brother & his family.

Then later sunday night it was Boys Brigade enrolment night for the 2 youngest.

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