Jamaica day 2

Last night was a real trial, going backwards in time (6 hours) & being awake for 22 hours straight was a real trial that was worth it to spend some time with my beautiful wife Mrs C and our close & dear friends David & Beverley in Jamaica for my 50th, just a shame the rest of you couldn’t make it with us but maybe next time?

i set the alarm for an 08:15 wake up call but hadn’t realised I’d not changed the time so at 02:15 Jamaican time the alarm woke us with a Start!

i managed to get a little bit more sleep before the sunrise over the main hotel, I tried to get a couple of photo’s to show you all when we come home.

We had a welcome meeting with our rep Geoffrey or was it Godfrey this morning at 09:30 sharp so after a delightful breakfast of freshly made omlete David & I dropped the girls off at the beach.

first impressions of the white sands & clear blue sea was WOW.

an hour or so with our rep & we were booking a trip up dunns river falls but why not we are on holiday.

david & I spent an hour getting the it sorted so he can still get his work emails, before we headed back to the beach to the ladies.

the rest of the morning was spent on the beach or in the Jamaican sea, which if you are lucky enough you need to try it.

a brief stop off for lunch at the Jamaican jerk shak all washed down with some red stripe, Jamaican rum another must nom nom nom. BEWARE THOUGH THE HELL FIRE SAUCE IS HOT.

Mrs C & I managed to Skype the 2 younger kids at about 21:00 uk time before heading to she pool to spend the afternoon with a few more cheeky red stripe beers and rum punches. We also had today’s daily cocktail ISLAND PARADISE which consists of  white rum, vodka,apricot brandy, lime juice, strawberry syrup & pineapple juice ice. Timorese nom nom nom.

i’m now sat in the main indoor bar with a red stripe while Mrs C & our friends all change & shower for this evenings meal. Time now is 19:15 Jamaica time (01:15 uk time).

so based on this I am officially 50 in the uk but still 49 in Jamaica 😉

tomorrow my cousin lies in from the US to spend the next couple of days with us, 1st drinks on me young lady x

Look out for tomorrows instalment as I’ll be 50 all over the word not just in the UK

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