Carnac's standing stones close to La Grande Metairie

La Grande Metairie: Carnac, Southern Brittany

We took all four of the kids to a Eurocamp site called La Grande Metairie at Carnac. Carnac is located in Brittany, France.

For the Eurocamp details on La Grande Metairie click this link La Grande Metairie: Carnac, Southern Brittany

The Journey

Sailing from Poole to Cherbourg with Brittany Ferries as a return journey.

We made an error with the ferry crossing though!

We had booked club class seats where we should have booked a cabin/berth.

This left little recovery time for me the driver. A disturbed nights rest for all thanks to Joshua not settling at all!. I’m also sure he didn’t give the wagon drivers any chance to sleep either! I had to walk the promenade deck with him in his stroller. This allowed me to keep him quiet and give others the chance to sleep. He did fall asleep about 30 minutes before the ships crew turned all the lights on to wake everyone up! 🙁

Then it was off the boat and ready for the drive to Carnac. It took us just over 4 hours to drive from the port at Cherbourg to the campsite at Carnac. The route we took was via Rennes and was about 230 miles. Not too bad for the red Vauxhall Zafira fully laden with 2 adults, 4 kids and a top-box on the roof full of luggage.

The Campsite

When we booked with Eurocamp we opted for a fairly basic 2 bed caravan. This meant that the 3 lads slept in the same room (single bed and bunk beds). Sam slept in the pull-out double bed in the dining space. While Michele and I had the double bedroom. The boys were a little cramped and we had to set up the pull-out bed every night for Sam but we managed.

The campsite was well laid out and had a great pool complex. The water in the pool was cool though.

The weather was OK in August but we would have preferred it to have been warmer, we had a few days of rain but again we coped.

Overall a great family holiday and the kids all enjoyed the Eurocamp children’s activities. The activities were organised on a daily basis and split between different age groups.

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