Crete Day Thirteen – Don’t worry Michele is in the sun!

Don’t worry Michele is in the sun!

After sitting at the bar with the couple from Harrogate the night before we both woke a little later than normal but with a slight thick head. Note to self don’t let Alex pour mojito in a half litre glass – very dangerous! I was also advised is been snoring through the night!

I still have my first world problems with no runny yolk in my eggs.

Down on the beach and it seems the Russians are better at grabbing sun loungers better than the Germans but we managed to secure a reasonable spot with shade for me and sunshine for Michele. At about 10:00 8 fighters flew over the beach heading north but again no idea whose they were.

Following lunch we wandered down the beach and found nicer patches of sand with not many people. The water still crystal clear. Again standing still long enough in the sea and the fish will come and investigate.

The food at the hotel is good but I do think that the chef’s need to work on a 3 week cycle rather than 2 that way repetition is eliminated for people staying for two weeks. Tonight though they’re was roast pork and cracking on offer which was excellent.

In the bar Alex’s work was cut out as the Russians appear to like the booze and he had to have help from Venizelos. Russians don’t speak much other than Russian (similar attitude to us English) and listening to them trying to order was funny. Premium drinks have to be paid for and one Russian was not happy about having to pay but Alex for his point over and euros were exchanged.


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