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Day Three – Tuscany 2015 – Pisa and Lucca

Today we’ve been to both Pisa and Lucca.

Pisa is about an hours drive from camp and to make sure we got to see the Tuscan countryside we went via the back roads and avoided the autoroute and the tolls.

Parking up in Pisa was easy enough as we parked on the edge of town at a cost of €2 and went in search of the ‘The Leaning Tower of Pisa’. As we meandered the streets of Pisa following the flow of people we suddenly stumbled across an open square with the basilica and Bell tower (Piazza dei Miracoli). We weren’t the only ones as there were thousands all getting the obligatory photo of themselves pushing the tower straight!. The square was bathed in sunshine with no protection from its hear and glare. We explored a little before Josh’s hunger got the better of him! His choice was McDonald’s! But at least ate.

Josh in Pisa - August 2015

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Then we were off to Lucca to explore the ancient walled city.


Big mistake I took the car through the cordon at the walls and tried to Park! Parking only for residents. Now try getting out of the maze of narrow streets not east but we manage it just. I wonder if the local police were watching? We then parked on the outskirts of the walled city and walked back in. Again parking very reasonable €2 for 3 hours.

Again we explored the cities narrow streets this time by foot!

Lucca 2

If you get the chance to visit Lucca make sure you do it’s another favourite city of mine to add to the list.

Heading back to camp we’ve just eaten out. Sword fish steak for me, spaghetti for Michele and pizza for Joshua

Day two – Tuscany 2015 – Park Albatros

First proper day here in the Tuscan sun at Park Albatros.

Michele was moaning that the pigeons woke her up, but how can she hear them all the way back home? Maybe it was me snoring?

We actually got Joshua up at a reasonable time today and headed off in search of a supermarket, which we found about 15 minutes drive away towards the town of Venturina. The supermarket was a Co-op of the local producers. Very little English was spoken here and we had to be creative with our selections of fruit and veg as the process had no corresponding picture as everything was in Italian. One thing about the Co-op was that the Birra was cheaper. Total bill for the Tuesday big shop was €160 (£117). Not too bad.

Back at the caravan at Park Albatros everything was un-packed and tidied away for use over the coming week. A hearty lunch consisting of bread, selection of cured meats, olives and salad for me, while Michele had a pie (only joking she had bread ham and spreading cheese). Joshua pushed the boat out with cereal and watermelon!

In the afternoon we headed off to the beach a short 15 minute walk away. The sand on the beach was burning hot to the bare foot. The beach was full of families all with the same idea as us – get a tan and have fun. The sand was course not like the fine sand at Ca’ Savio on the Venetian coastline of the Adriatic. The waves were powerful and all three of us got knocked over at some point, yes all three of us. Michele was seen in the water and ended up on her arse after a wave snook up on her and knocked her over! She even looked like the ‘Hair Bear Bunch’ as her hair got wet!!! On no. But she did laugh, but not as much as I did.

Park Alabtros beach

Later in the afternoon Josh walked up to the teenagers club only to find that it had joined forces with the 8-11 year olds group as no teenagers turned up, so he made a hasty retreat. Shame really as he’d made the effort.

BBQ time then as it’s raining we had an evening playing cards, drinking Moretti and listening to Michele’s 80’s selection of music as I type we are listening to Haircut 100 and ‘love plus one’

Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler at 25 degrees so we are heading into Pisa and then Lucca for the day.

Tuscany – August 2015

The highlight of the week is that we’ve booked to go to Tuscany in August 2015 with Canvas Holidays.

With a bit of last minute dialogue with Warren & Dawn we’ve managed to agree on a camp site in Tuscany, a date to go, accommodation to keep both parties happy.

We are in Tuscany at Park Albatros for two weeks in a two bed caravan while Warren, Dawn & Adam are joining us for our second week and are staying in a tent on the same site with the same holiday company.

We’ve booked our flights from Liverpool to Pisa too so all that’s left to do is book the car parking at Liverpool along with a car at Pisa. The parking at Liverpool is coming in at about £29 for the two weeks so we can’t grumble at that cost. I’ve even managed to get 8% cashback as I’d booked via my Quidco account. Better in my pocket than theirs. If you want to make a saving too join up using the following link, I’ll even give you 50 pence as start-up cashback.

I love Quidco

We’ve also had a lazy weekend this week as Michele has been suffering with the tail end of a cold which has made her feel lethargic.

We have though cleared through a backlog of paperwork that has built up over the past couple of months.

We did have one trip out though to our friends David and Beverley’s to settle up for the recovering of our six dining chairs, We are both well pleased with what David has managed to do for us, he;s done a fantastic job. Thanks David if your reading this.