Chicago – Day Seven

Been here now almost a full week and like I’ve said before it’s been ticking over so slowly I don’t think any of us want it to end ???? but on the bright side we’ve still got a week and 3 days left ????

Cousin Julie’s last day in work today as she’s got next week off with us can’t wait to show her round Chicago ????

Relaxing day for us though today as we’d got the small matter of the ball game to go to at Wrigley Field home to Chicago Cubs baseball team


As usual Lewis was last to get ready AGAIN – just one day I may not have to wait for him!

We drove to Yorktown shopping mall where I’d read we could park n ride to Wrigley Field. All correct on that score but only one time for the bus 12:55 which gave us 30 minutes waiting around with the other cubs fans but not long enough to explore the mall, Shame really as I too wanted to shop too.

The bus (3 of them) was on time and off we set on our 60 minute express no stopping transfer. All I can describe it as was like an old football special from the 80’s and 90’s but without the beer and singing.

We arrived at Wrigley Field in time to have a look at the club shop as well as pose for some pictures. Unfortunately I was unable to find a ‘Wrigleyville’ T shirt for my friend Nick Wrigley (sorry Nick) ????




First ball was thrown at 15:05 to a crowd of 34,900 not sure if any of us actually understood what was going on too much but can only say it was like a complicated version of rounders.

I was amazed though that the houses surrounding the ground has rooftop seating on specially built steel frames that looked like corporate hospitality



We had a great view albeit that it was in the shade which meant that Mrs C spent the afternoon frozen as there was a slight breeze. Joshua and I managed to work out some of the rules, we also had some help from our friends in California who were busy texting Mrs C. Lewis gave up trying to understand the game and spent  the afternoon looking lost.

At one point I stopped one of the beer sellers and was charged $8 for a bud!

The conversation with the seller went like this

Seller – “what you want?”
Me – “what you got?”
Seller – “Bud or Bud lite”
Me – ” Bud please ”
Seller – “you Australian?”
Me – “no English”
Seller – “same place”
Me – ????, all down to education that’s why he sells beer at the ball game!


If you look closely at the picture above you’ll just make the ball out it’s just passing into the sanded area in front of the Rays batter.

I even managed to get a picture of the local fire truck who were out collecting funds after the game finished, the Cubs got beat 3-4 by the Rays ????


After the game we were back on our bus which seemed to take ages to get away from the ground before heading back to Julie’s for a Chinese takeaway.

Guess who’s back with her smiling face and giggly laugh, yes Elle has returned after a couple of days at her dad’s and I think we’ve all missed her ? x

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