Chicago – Day one


Early start today as the alarm clock went off at 03:40 ???? but we all needed a shower before our two flight haul across the Atlantic.

We tried to keep as quiet as possibly so as not to wake Mum & Dad up but that didn’t go for plan as mum was seen in the kitchen at 04:20 making a drink of tea!

Drew was charged with picking us up to drop us off at the airport & was typically late but he managed to get us to the airport just before 05:00.

Bag check in went OK but the queues for security check were long and slow, but people were patient the hour & half went past quickly enough.

Once through security we, led by Michele all headed off to duty free where a selection of perfume and aftershave was bought them it was time for breakfast ……….

£35 for two full English breakfast, two egg on toast and four hour drinks – Dick Turpin used to wear a mask!

Out first flight was Manchester to Dublin and although it left 15 minutes late it landed in Dublin ahead of schedule!?

No bags needed to be collected in Dublin as Aer Lingus had automatically swapped them for us, however it was at this point Joshua told us he’d put his digital SLR camera in his hold luggage – so just hoping it’ll be there in Chicago! Another security check in Dublin where by we were held up while they checked the unopened bottle of cough medicine that Mrs C had bought Lewis flight side in Manchester – all clear though ????

No waiting around for us in a wet Dublin as we were able to clear American immigration which I am told will save us time in the US when we land.

A short wait ment a quick beer for Lewis and l and that was the last one Lewis will have for the next two and a half weeks as he can’t touch any in the US as he’s not 21 ????

All boarded and sat in the extra leg room seats for Lewis and I whilst Joshua and Mrs C sat behind us. The good on the flight was OK chicken tikka or beef casserole. The tikka was nica????)
Landed in Chicago slightly ahead of time, no customs check as we’d already cleared US customs in Dublin so classed as an internal flight. So it was over to dollar for the car higher, Lewis blagged is a ride with the Avis bus. Pitched the car up and was slightly disappointed with the SUV it was a Nissan Rouge!! Scratched and battered but a car non the less.

Headed off onto the freeway (Eisenhower) for my first American test, appear from the satnav sending me the wrong turn off (not me a????) we made good time to Julie’s

Not seen my cousin in two years apart from on Skype but I think we kicked off where we left it in Jamaica ????. All four of the kids appeared to gel OK with Chris and Lewis hanging out while Elle and Josh chilled out with us.

However it’s now 22:50 here which means it’s 04:52 in the UK and that means I’ve been awake a little over 25 hours so I’d best bet to sleep even though Lewis is still out with Chris!

More to follow tomorrow

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