Chicago 2018 – Day Fifteen

Well that was the first two weeks gone. Week one seemed to go by slowly while week two has flown by! I’m sure the remaining days will speed through too πŸ™ Julie asked if we had missed the UK? the answer was we’d both missed family & friends but we hadn’t missed anything else least of all work. Don’t get us wrong we both love our jobs but we both have enjoyed being away from them.

I was up reasonably early as Julie was in work & she also had a contractor arriving to fit a new bathroom window so I was up waiting at 07:20 for an expected time slot of 07:30-09:30. They actually arrived at 08:00 & set to work. All wrapped up & finished by 10:30.

Elle was out at the horse & we had a great conversation with Chris about college & also his collection of Nike footwear. We got some tips off Chris on where to go for a pair for Josh as we’d had a message overnight asking could we get him a pair of black shoes.

Off we went to the short drive to the outlet store at Aurora. We looked in all the shoe shops & could either find shoes that were right but the wrong size of unable to find the right style. Mrs C was also able to take a jacket back to Abercrombie & Fitch that didn’t actually fit her right so not a wasted journey. As we were walking round it started to spot with rain but that was OK as met of the walkways were undercover. A big change from week one though when it was so hot under the walkways as the air was not moving, but today we needed a light jacket on as there was a chill. From here we drove in the direction of the shopping mall at Oakbrook and called into Dick’s Sporting Goods a huge sportswear shop on two floors. Mrs C found some shoes & sent Josh a photo but no good. So off we went again & found a Nike store but not the shoes Josh wanted – Black Nike Air force One (low), three more shops and no joy. As the rain was getting heavier & we were starting to drift into rush hour we called it a day. Sadly no new shoes for Joshua πŸ™

Back at Julie’s I watched the Chicago Cubs best the Saint Louis Cardinals at baseball before we headed out to one of the neighbours for a house party. Julie’s neighbours here are fantastic and a massive improvement on the sterile environment that the majority of the neighbours created at her last address on Lillian Lane. I’m so glad Julie moved here she seems so happy and content. The kids do too. so we can all rest assured in the UK that they are all safe & happy.

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