Chaos on the CAD front

All started very well today on the CAD front until the phone rang. “AutoCAD LT2012 wont install” was the cry. Started to delve a little deeper into the problem & it seems that we had maxed out on our AutoCAD LT2012 installs according to Autodesk. But we hadn’t, we were still under our limits. It seems that during our current refresh from Windows XP to Windows 7 the IT guys are re-installing a like-for-like software back onto the machines being upgraded. So when this particular machine had all its software re-installed & asked Autodesk for its authorisation codes the robot at Autodesk went ‘hold up you are installing more than you have’.

I managed to claw back a couple of redundant licences & raised the issue with our CAD suppliers CADLine. They have escalated the problem direct with Autodesk but in the interim period I’ve asked IT to deploy a Network version of AutoCAD 2012 to keep the user up & running. But even this caused problems as there seemed to be an issue with the deploy paths.

Hopefully all of this will be sorted by tomorrow.

On a family front we had the youngest ones parents evening at High School which we only made by the skin of our teeth as I was a couple of minutes late leaving work & to make the drive more interesting as it was teaming down with rain.

Organised ourselves with the layout of the school, it does help having had a son there for the past 5 years though, but there were so many green parents wandering around looking totally bemused 🙂

The queuing system seems to get worse year on year so we opted for the stealth approach & looked for teachers with small or no queues whatsoever, then go back to the ones that were busy later on.

The report wasn’t fully what we expected & the youngest one knows that he’s got to lift his game a lot more than he is doing. We don’t expect to get another report like that again. Easy to see what his best lesson is though as it’s science.

Spoke with mum & dad too & they have got back from 6 days in Dawlish with their friends which listening to them both they have enjoyed immensely.

What will tomorrow hold for us all?

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