Wow a busy day over & done with

Today was a busy day in the office, almost completed an Existing & Development plans for a local school which i think is a new client.

Drawing work is beginning to build up again, which will keep me busy until early next week.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is taking more of a hold with even more invitations to free seminars, unable to attend so many due to workload but I’m sure others in the business will be attending. I’m also sure that most of the content is what has been previously discussed.

Remember BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a process not a particular piece of software.

There have only been four of us out of a team of nine in the office as the rest have been out & about on site.

We’ve got an early start tomorrow as we are at the youngest lads parents evening at school. He’s in trouble though as he’s managed to lose his appointments list & we are now having to arrive blind! So guess what he’s now been grounded for the rest of the week not just for losing the appointment sheet but for the attitude that we had when he was asked to check his bag & blazer again.

Lewis cooked a nice evening meal we had pork loin with gnocchi & a delicious tomato & basil sauce.

Mrs C has managed to delete the United game off the Sky+ planner by accident before I’d had chance to watch it but I’ll let her off because I love her 😉

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