Jamaica day 7 – last full day :-(

Today was the day that my cousin Julie packed her case to leave, so we all had an early breakfast (08:15) as Julie’s pick up was 09:10

It was usual breakfast for Bev and I poached & boiled eggs on bagels, Michele & David elected not to have their usual though of fresh omelette.

We all sat around having a laugh at last nights Italian dinner as it was so far removed from being Italian it was wrong. Don’t get me wrong the food was nice but it was not Italian. The main course was the culprit 5 out of 6 of us ordered chicken Parmesan & what appeared was more KFC!

You could tell instantly things weren’t right from the look of shock at the table :-s.

We then said our goodbyes to Julie and agreed we’d all had a fab time and got on famously.

Then it was off to the beach to catch some rays, albeit that it was a little overcast. As the day went on the weather turned a little wet. David & I did manage a swim in the sea while it rained though which was different.

Lunch was followed by a little bit of shopping then some cards and a few drinks in the bar overlooking the pool as we were in the middle of a proper Jamaican down pour again but we had a laugh.

Beverley has now caught me up and passed me with the cold symptoms but both of us have been well brave and not moaned once.

Tonight we are off to the grill which is our favourite restaurant at 20:30

There has been a large intake of guests today so a little bit more lively.

Tomorrow is home time and the pickup is 12:30 Jamaican time (18:30 UK time)

We’ve all had a great relaxing time & will sumerise when I get home and add some photos.

2 thoughts on “Jamaica day 7 – last full day :-(”

  1. Nicholas Wrigley

    Sounds like you had a good family holiday albeit interrupted by typical for this time of year, tropical rain showers. Hope your trip back is good and you & Bev don’t develop full on colds.

    1. Nick we have had an absolute blast, there was Michele (my wife), my mate David & his wife (Beverley) & my cousin (Julie) flew in from Chicago for 5 days. Between the 5 of us we have 9 children & it was great not to have any othem with us albeit that we have missed them dearly.

      Journey home was OK, didn’t sleep though.

      Cold still taking residence up in my head.

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