Jamaica day 6

Apologies for yesterday’s short and rambling post but the drink on the cruise got the better of me I think as we’d not eaten since breakfast and I was a little bit :-S

The trip yesterday to Dunns River Falls started off from Ochos Rios on a catermaran which moored up in the ocean where we were able to scuba dive off a reef. Only David and I did this while the 3 girls stayed on board the catermaran topping their tans up. While scuba diving I swam through a shoal of yellow fish about the size of my hand, below us was a natural reef with many other fish feeding.

Once we were back on board the catermaran we set sail again towards the Dunns River Falls, along the coast we passed the aluminium docks that were featured in Dr No (James Bond 007), then passed an estate with a natural spring waterfall that fell into the sea that was once owned by Arthur Ash (tennis player), it was later sold to Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones) but is now owned by the Sandals hotel chain.

Once we docked at the falls we were shown our guide and camera man, while cousin Julie was shown her guide as Julie had opted not to climb the water falls and was going up the dry route known as the chicken run. Once at the top I think Julie had made the right choice for her. We returned to the catermaran and were hounded for tips by our guides before we set sail off out to sea for some beers and rum punches with a spot of dancing, all has been caught on camera though 😉

Later last night we had fine dining in the French restaurant which was delightful. However the end of the evening had a damp ending due to a wet Jamaican downpour.

Today started off wet so we cancelled the shopping trip to Ochos Rios which caused several calls of concern by our taxi driver who pestered us!

David and I watched the united game against Tottenham in our room only to see united put a very lacklustre effort in in the first half and go in 0-2 down. Fergie worked his magic in the changing rooms and there were 3 goals in 3 minutes, but not enough for united to over come spurs who won 2-3.

The 3 girls sat by the beach as the rain had parted but it was still a little overcast. Later in the afternoon the 3 girls and David had a massage while I sat by the pool and read my kindle. We then spent the remaining hours by the pool albeit that it was very overcast however still warm. Tonight we are booked in at the Italian restaurant, then tomorrow Julie will be leaving us for her return trip to Chicago. Will really miss her when she goes but hopefully it won’t be long before we catch up again soon.

2 thoughts on “Jamaica day 6”

  1. Evening… Well afternoon for you! You sound like you are having an amazing time and I hope you have lots of pictures to make me even more jealous!! Are you planning on re booking your shopping trip? We have had a good weekend and Harry is getting bigger, I’m sure you will see a difference in him!! Keep having fun. Love us x x

    1. Sam the shopping trip was never resurrected but we did manage a little in the hotel hops but very expensive.

      Got some great pictures including one of a bridge for you.

      Glad to hear you are looking father my grandson x

      Love and kisses to all see you soon xx

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