Jamaica day 3

Today has been more relaxed, spent time by the ocean, then by the pool. Also had a little bit of re-organising to undertake regarding dinner reservations so that we can accommodate an additional person at our dining able in the Japanese restaurant tonight as my cousin Julie has flown in from Chicago to join us or a few days.

david & I also organised a trip up Dunns River Falls for us  all on Friday as well as a day shopping in Ochas Rios, then hopefully we can watch united play football.

julie arrived just after 14:00hrs Jamaican time & the very obliging reception staff also accommodated us by putting Julie in a room opposite us.

The afternoon was then spent by the pool with plenty of rum punches.

i also managed a quick Skype call to Joshua & Sam but missed Drew & Lewis, but hey I’m missing you all madly x.

Will sign off now & go back to my room to put my posh linen pants on for dinner, quick question though cream or blue?

2 thoughts on “Jamaica day 3”

  1. So…. Cream or blue what was it!?!? Glad we got a quick Skype call with the birthday boy 🙂 hope that you enjoyed your birthday meal and didn’t have too much to drink!! What’s its Luke been half a century?!?! Love us x

    1. It was cream, meal was ok, no issues with the food but the showcase chef was a little lacking in the Japanese. Only a couple of rums oh and a beer or two 😉

      Being 50 is just the same as 49


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