Jamaica day 1

Wow what a day, up at 06:00 uk time to get ready for our trip to Jamaica. Ronnie our father in law picked us up at 07:00 for the short dash to manchester airport. Weather leaving was wet and foul. Arrived a little bit earlier than needed but who cares we were on our holiday. David and beverley arrived a little later.

Checked into the VIP lounge at the airport and had breakfast. 9 hours in the air & 2 meals later we were hit with the heat of Jamaica wow 31 degrees.

hotel looks smart, had a few beers and rum before tea then off to bed after being up 22 hours. Mrs c was a little jaded but coped.

more to follow……..

2 thoughts on “Jamaica day 1”

  1. Ouch 22hours! But your there and having a great time I’m sure! Look forward to a follow up post! Atleast you are going to stay 49 an extra 6hours now that you are in Jamaica!!!x x

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