Crete Day Fourteen – Counting down to go home now

Counting down to go home now!

Michele was up early starting to pack done of the clothes away so there is no rush tomorrow. Just debating whether to wear long pants or shorts for the trip home. Flight is due into Manchester at 23:00 Tuesday 1st October and I’m back at work on Wednesday.

Quick bit of sun lounger shuffling at the beach and we were sorted and ready for another chilled out day reading, swimming and sunbathing. I said yesterday that there were more Russians here and lots of them with small kids. Again we had a good number of fighters flying North overhead but not sure whose they are. The Aegean Sea was calm and clear again today but slightly warmer. More fish interested in our legs done up to 75mm (3” in old money).I did manage to finish my Tom Clancy novel – Red Storm Rising now onto his 3rd book Patriot Games.

There was no Rena at breakfast or evening meal the report is she’s ill.

After our evening meal we headed up the main Street passed the souvenir shops not really hunting for anything but found Nancy a Christmas stocking filler. Then back at the bar to say or goodbyes to Alex who has kept us well stocked with beer and mojito. Thanks young man you’ve been one of the stars of our holiday. We say with Peter and Evie while we discussed life. A nice couple who strangely enough are looking to drive through California next year similar to us but without the extra two weeks in Hawaii. Time now to get saving Cleary for next year.

Our last night in Crete was good except for the drunken Russians taking loudly and banging room doors at 01:00 this morning. Just watching them at the bar not wanting singles or local alcohol but demanding premium drinks and full glasses with no mixers added. The Cretan measures are not like UK ones but all done by eye anyway. Then they are busy throwing euros at Alex as premium ones cost.

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