Crete Day Fifteen – sadly our last day here

Our last day in Crete

We got off to a bad start with the traffic, kids, old people & having no room at the hotel so we hoped for a better trip home.

Bags were packed and ready to go, thanks Michele. So we set off for breakfast. I didn’t bother looking for soft-boiled eggs as Michele had gone and queued for two omelettes. Not really the best but was OK.

Checked with reception about a late check-out but they wanted 8 euros/hour to secure the room but would offer us a room to store our cases & then shower in for 30 minutes for nothing. Guess what we had the shower room, adequate for us.

Then we placed ourselves back on the beach in the sun for the last couple of ours, the only interruption was the lunch. Michele asked/told (you make your mind up how it was explained!) that I wasn’t allowed to go for a swim in the Aegean Sea as she didn’t want wet clothes in the case!

Showered and sat waiting in reception for the coach transfer to the airport with a beer. We said our last goodbyes to Alex, didn’t see Venizelos or Rena as they were not to be found.

The drive to the airport was interesting too, we got delayed a little while we passed an accident on the main coastal road, there was a 7 tonne box van on its side that looked like it had collided with a couple of cars. This only slowed the traffic as the police were out in force waving people through. In the UK they would have closed both sides of the carriageway. We got to the airport in time though and Michelle had plenty of time to go through the Duty Free zone! Once at the gate were processed & sent down to the tarmac for the shuttle to the plane but after 15 minutes we were sent back upstairs as there was a delay. No problem we just sat & read our books. Then again we were called & this time boarded the plane. The issue was they’d hit some birds on the flight in so needed to check the plane over. 2 hours delay but at least we were on a safe plane. Finally getting home for 02:00 in the morning. Tired and I have work in the morning 🙁

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