Chicago 2018 – Day Nine

We woke early enough as the daylight crept through the curtains to the most wonderful view of the waterfalls of Niagara

Once showered & dressed which was easier than 1st expected we headed out for breakfast, coffee & bagels with cream cheese.

We woke moved the car from the hotel parking to the casino parking lot opposite the hotel to save on the $60/night parking charge. The casino has a strange parking set up that you pay on exit no matter how many days you park for you only pay the exit charge for that day today would be $20 while Monday would be only $5.

Off down to the falls & closer up they are impressive. We booked a trip on the Hornblower ferry boat that would take us right up to the falls. queing was not too long & boarding soon took place with us all smartly dressed with our plastic red poncho’s & off we went. What a great experience it was being at the foot of the falls.

We then walked along the river towards the Horseshoe falls & had lunch and a beer and another glass of Chardonay for Julie.

More walking & we headed off towards the main striped in Niagara which sadly made Blackpool in the UK look smart. Very tacky indeed & a shame it’s allowed to be built up that way 🙁

Back at the hotel Mrs C nearly got electrocuted by a faulty switch on a bed side lamp that started to smoke. A quick call to housekeeping  & it was all fixed.

Elle is dozing while Julie, Mrs C & I are watching the light face over the falls, still impressive.

As we have exhausted Niagara & agree that two days is too much we are heading off to Toronto about 60 miles away to see what is there.

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