This post is all about Timperley.

Timperley is a small village bewteen Altrincham and Sale both in Cheshire, UK.

On Wikipedia Timperley has its own page.

My family have had a Cleary living in Timperley since the turn of the late 1800’s into the 1900. Even though I’ve moved away my parents and two of my children live within easy walk of Timperley Village.

I started a new group on FaceBook the past couple of weeks called ‘Memories of Timperley‘, the group is a closed group but all are welcome to join the group and I will organise your acceptance.

The group is there to capture photographs, memories and stories from all age groups and allows old disconnected friend to re-connect. I myself had lost touch with a couple of people I got on really well with when i was younger and now 25 years since we last spoke we have made contact. Hopefully in the not too distant future we can meet up and reminisce over a beer or two?

At today’s count we have 156 members in the group and its popularity is growing. We have also managed to get a varied selection of photographs too, more though are welcome as long as they are copyright free.

Aside from the group we’ve had a weekend of entertaining people as it was our youngest sons birthday on Friday, we had Grandma and Grandad for tea on Friday night, Nana and Grandad, as well as cousin William on Saturday for lunch, Josh had a couple of mates staying over on Saturday night, then today Sunday we’ve had Sam my daughter, Matt and Grandson Harry over for Sunday Tea. We’ve not had Lewis or Drew over here as they’ve both been working this weekend.

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