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Oh what a week

Well after a Full on weekend last weekend I’ve had an Oh what a week this week!

Too say I’m tired is an under statement, we’ve been busy all week in the office then to cap that we’ve been busy at home too.

The European Championships have been on all week & I’ve only had time to watch the highlights of the games this week, except for tonight when I’ve managed to watch Sweden-v-England. England made hard work of it to win 2-3. We only need a draw in our last game to get through to the knock-out stages.

Have started to look today for a family holiday, so if anybody has any suggestions for sun & relaxation please give me a message.

Lewis is also looking for a part-time job so again if anybody has any suggestions please let me know.

Does wearing a tie make me work any better?

As the weather has been warm lately and I’m not plugged into meet any clients I’ve not bothered to take my tie out of my bag and wear it, however today I was reminded that I need to wear a tie at work!

There were at least 2 of us not wearing a tie today meanwhile some of our female colleagues wear clothing that might only be suitable for the beach front!

So as the heading says “Does wearing a tie make me work any better?” I personally think that a tie does not make me work any harder or any better. If I’m in the office and not meeting clients why should I be made to wear a tie? If needed there is one in my bag.

Rant over.

Also today my middle son completed his final exam and can officially leave school. He has however got to go to a leavers Assembly on Thursday morning and then upload his iMedia coursework on Friday then he’s off into the big wide world. He just needs to see if the RAF will take him on for his apprenticeship in becoming a chef or he’ll be off to college in September.

Whatever the future holds for him I wish him well as he’s almost become an adult.

Yet nother busy day at the CAD coalface

Like yesterday the CAD station was firing sparks, so many Planning Applications to clear through.

I’m desperately trying to keep my head above water, think I’m just about managing it albeit that I am taking a couple of lungful’s of water!

I think that there maybe less to do tomorrow but not really, could be worse though as I could be sat with nothing to do.

Windows 7 upgrade is causing some concern as AutoCAD has to be re-installed on each machine which means that all the file paths are missing. Tried to replicate my machine but there seems to be issues that even I as the CAD Manager are struggling to solve. I’ve even have had to call in the cavalry with our CAD suppliers CADLine having a look.

I’ve managed to get in touch with a couple of ex colleagues today from Povall Worthington days, the good old days before CAD when the drawing board was king. Lets hope we can all get together for a catch-up beer soon.

After mowing the rear lawn I’ve had a lazy evening with Mrs C catching up with some of the back-log on the Sky+ machine.

It’s been a little cooler today as predicted too.