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Chicago 2018 – Day Fifteen

Well that was the first two weeks gone. Week one seemed to go by slowly while week two has flown by! I’m sure the remaining days will speed through too 🙁 Julie asked if we had missed the UK? the answer was we’d both missed family & friends but we hadn’t missed anything else least of all work. Don’t get us wrong we both love our jobs but we both have enjoyed being away from them.

I was up reasonably early as Julie was in work & she also had a contractor arriving to fit a new bathroom window so I was up waiting at 07:20 for an expected time slot of 07:30-09:30. They actually arrived at 08:00 & set to work. All wrapped up & finished by 10:30.

Elle was out at the horse & we had a great conversation with Chris about college & also his collection of Nike footwear. We got some tips off Chris on where to go for a pair for Josh as we’d had a message overnight asking could we get him a pair of black shoes.

Off we went to the short drive to the outlet store at Aurora. We looked in all the shoe shops & could either find shoes that were right but the wrong size of unable to find the right style. Mrs C was also able to take a jacket back to Abercrombie & Fitch that didn’t actually fit her right so not a wasted journey. As we were walking round it started to spot with rain but that was OK as met of the walkways were undercover. A big change from week one though when it was so hot under the walkways as the air was not moving, but today we needed a light jacket on as there was a chill. From here we drove in the direction of the shopping mall at Oakbrook and called into Dick’s Sporting Goods a huge sportswear shop on two floors. Mrs C found some shoes & sent Josh a photo but no good. So off we went again & found a Nike store but not the shoes Josh wanted – Black Nike Air force One (low), three more shops and no joy. As the rain was getting heavier & we were starting to drift into rush hour we called it a day. Sadly no new shoes for Joshua 🙁

Back at Julie’s I watched the Chicago Cubs best the Saint Louis Cardinals at baseball before we headed out to one of the neighbours for a house party. Julie’s neighbours here are fantastic and a massive improvement on the sterile environment that the majority of the neighbours created at her last address on Lillian Lane. I’m so glad Julie moved here she seems so happy and content. The kids do too. so we can all rest assured in the UK that they are all safe & happy.

Chicago 2018 – Day Five

After yesterday’s long but enjoyable walk through Chicago Mrs C’s feet were a little bit tender. I was not out of the wars as my Achilles Was a little tight.

Today was earmarked as a shopping day & we headed off back towards O’Hare airport to an outlet mall called Fashion Outlets of Chicago. it was a little smaller than the Trafford Centre but significantly better. We spent the morning wandering through the shops looking for bargains, some great but others just OK, but not the bargains we managed to get 4 years ago when we first came over! Bargain of tee days was the Levi’s jeans $77 for 2 pair. From this shopping mall at Rosemont we drove the 7.5 miles to one we had visited before at Oakbrook. We had previously visited here with Josh, Elle & Aunty J. Mrs C had previously raised the Abercrombie & Fitch store but not this time as to Mrs C’s horror it was no longer there! To calm her we had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. small potato balls for Mrs C & Shrimp for myself. All followed by Lemon Meringue flavoured cheesecake for Mrs C while I had the salted caramel flavour – absolutely stuffed!

Then back to Julie’s to rest! But before that Julie & I did a little more yard work but due to the humidity we both have up after 20 minutes!

We had a couple of problems with the highway toll system today which got me flustered and caused a slight disagreement in the car 🙁 but we are now fine.

In the Illinois the highways sometimes have tools on them. You can either use an iPass (special device on your windscreen) or pay cash at the booths. The first year we came we paid for the iPass system but at $12/day I didn’t think we got the full benefit from it so this time we elected to pay as you go with cash. The problem was on our way to the first shopping mall at Rosemont the exit was signed as iPass only so we had to drive past to the next one, but that too caused issues as the cash option was an unmanned one. We cash but mainly notes, but this booth only took coins!!! We just managed to scrape together the $1.50 in coins to leave the booth OK. Then later in the day there was another unmanned booth but this one only took notes. So I placed a $5 bill in the machine for the $1.50 charge only to find no change was given!!!!!!

Temperature today was a little cooler maybe in the late 70’s with a slight breeze.

Mexico day five – shopping day

Up and at it early this morning, we were waiting outside of the hotel grounds for the local bus known as a collectivo at just after 09:00hrs. Only 40 peso (£1.70) to Playa del Carmen which is approximately 21 miles north of where we are staying. The bus to about 30 mins and made a couple of shots to pick the locals up. We were the only tourists on the bus.

Playa re Carmen looks like any other tourist shopping street, sure good food and some shops selling tat! We managed to get some Christmas gifts, a pair of Oakley’s for me (I’ve been looking for years but never had the courage to buy a pair but decided why not I’ve worked hard this year). Michele also tested herself to the new iPhone X, cheaper than the UK and with the bonus we should be able to claim the tax back .

We are out too in Playa del Carmen £20 for lunch and drinks.

Back to the hotel in a taxi for 400 peso (£20)

Three hours sunbathing for Michele while I read and dozed on the Balinese bed

Tonight’s restaurant was the French, Michele had ham soup to start but didn’t like it as it was COLD! I had lobster bisque. We both had Ratatouille before the main course. Michele had rack of lamb and I kept with the lobster theme and had lobster thermidor. First time reading lobster and I’m impressed.

Tomorrow Michele will sun baths and I’ll watch Chelsea v United 11:00 here 16:00 at home!

Goodnight folks