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Chicago 2016 – Day Four (oh no more shopping!)

After a restful nights sleep where I think we both had about 10hrs & 8hrs sleep each (guess who had the 10!) we had a leisurely start to the day.

We had breakfast out at Butterfields (http://butterfieldsrestaurant.com/index.asp) & both of us elected to have egg Benedict. But that was not straight forward as were offered it with hash browns or grits. We knew what hash browns were & I’d heard of grits but not sure what they were, so i asked our waiter. The answer was “it’s hard to explain but they are like ground corn, i can bring some over for you to taste if you would like?” “yes please”. When they arrived they reminded me of porridge (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grits). On first taste they were a surprise that the American palate likes them as they usually have a sweet pallet. The waiter explained that they are usually eaten with a knob of butter in, so we tried that but that was not to my liking. Michele added a little maple syrup & that was OK but i prefered them just plain. They were however not what i would have had with eggs Benedict. good job we elected to have the hash browns. The eggs Benedict though were delicious.

After breakfast we’d offered to take Aunty Jilla out shopping again with us and rather than sit at Julie & Joe’s on her own (as Julie & Joe were at work, while Elle was at school) she accepted the offer to be put through the heavy shopping campaign Michele was intent on having.

The first shop of the day was Costco (http://www.costco.com). Once in the store you could have been at Costco in Haydock Park or even Trafford Park. It was all a similar shopping experience to the UK Costco but in $ not £. It was interesting walking round though that the more expensive cuts of meat in the UK (Steak & Lamb) was cheaper in the US, but the cheaper cuts of meat (Flank/skirt) was more expensive in the US – how odd. Michele bought ANOTHER pair of shoes, while Aunty Jilla bough some PJ’s & a LARGE bottle of Bacardi for Julie.

Now off for some more serious shopping this time to Oak Brook Mall (https://www.oakbrookcenter.com/en.html), we shopped here 2 years ago & Michele was intent on coming back to shop at Abercrombie & Fitch. Again she was not disappointed, with tee shirts & shirts for the kids. Then it was the Microsoft store & a look at the Surface Pro 4 (http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/Surface-Pro-4/productID.325711500?s_kwcid=AL!4249!3!82559571893!e!!g!!surface%20pro%204&WT.mc_id=pointitsem+Google+Adwords+5+-+Surface+Pro+4%2F4&invsrc=search&ef_id=VyubxgAAAT-ZFqD9:20160511013118:s). I did tell her no though as i’m not sure we as a family will get the benefit. OK last shop of the day was Nordstrum (http://shop.nordstrom.com/?origin=tab-logo) nothing bought again (Yippee), Oh No i;ve been conned its not the last shop of the day as there’s a Macy’s (http://www1.macys.com/index.ognc?cm_sp=navigation-_-top_nav-_-macys_icon) on the mall too! I’m still having nightmares about our trip to New York City in November 2015 where i spent nearly 3 days in Macy’s!!

Back at Julie & Joe’s for a coffee & a chat after they both came home from work, then we left them to it & headed off to find some tea. Mcdonalds it is & a meal that was not overfacing us.

Tomorrow though is Chicago day, we are catching the train from Lisle to Union Station, Chicago for a day of spending time in my favorite city.

We may not be back in time for me to post an update tomorrow so you may have to wait until the morning after.

Night all

Chicago 2016 – Day Three (Shopping, shopping & more Shopping)

Today was a scheduled day of shopping, the things I have to do to make sure I can get into Chicago to have a day in the city.

But before we headed out we elected to have breakfast in the hotel $40 for 2 cups of coffee, 1 cup of tea (that never arrived) i glass of orange juice, 2 glasses of cranberry juice, 2 bowls of cereal, 1 round of toast & 1 bagel with scrambled egg! Maybe the last breakfast we have in the hotel.

We collected Aunty Jilla from Julie & Joe’s at 10:30 as agreed & headed off in the direction of Aurora & Chicago Premier Outlet (http://m.premiumoutlets.com/default.aspx?id=878)

Center map

I elected to avoid the interstate highway & travelled dow the road adjacent road, this meant we travelled past some interesting buildings & houses. The space between the homes is fantastic, where we squeeze houses in the American’s have plenty of space & green areas. I’d love to live out here but sadly I think I’m too old now to start a fresh life over here, so i’ll settle for visiting.

Finally arrived at the shopping mall & the only way to describe it’s layout is to say it looks very similar to Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet at Ellesmere Port (http://www.mcarthurglen.com/uk/cheshire-oaks-designer-outlet/en/). We parked up in an empty car park & headed off with Aunty Jilla in search of bargains.

Guess up spent first? No not Michele or Aunty Jilla but me, YES me. I was first to go shopping with the purchase of a new casual jacket to be worn with my jeans. That then opened the flood gates for Michele to put the credit card to the test with her best shopping skills.

There was jumpers, tee shirts, shirts, hoodies, shoes, safari set (for Harry), mores shoes, a wallet, even more shoes, a new carry on case as the worry was the suitcases may not be big enough for all the items we need to take home!! The credit card stuttered in Ralph Laurent, but after a quick coffee break in Starbucks it recovered to start shopping again.

Four and a half hours later I estimated that Michele had spent about $1000 on her shopping spree & the question was, is she a happy lady? Yes i think she was. Did we fall out, No. Did i get bored No. Did we enjoy Aunty Jilla’s company? oh Yes, we had a blast.

After dropping AUnty Jilla off at Julie & Joe’s we spotted Elle briefly & stopped for a coffee before catching up with Julie & then Joe when they both returned home from work.

They had had the house inspection undertaken today & albeit that there seemed to be a couple of issues with the house was there enough to stop the sale going through? Hopefully not. We decided to leave them all to it & headed off for tea.

We ate at Houlihan’s at Wheaton (http://www.houlihans.com/my-houlihans/wheaton), we ate here 2 yaers ago with Joshua & this was the only place not to have over-faced us, BUT not this time.

We started off with the stuffed mushrooms to share & had 7 of them delivered, wow they were delicious…………….but they were huge. We could really have only done with 3 not 7! We followed this with 3 sliders for Michele & a burger for me.

Guess what neither of us finished our meals! #overfaced

We are now sat in our room watching Gotham & sipping a bottle of Goose Island IPA (http://www.gooseisland.com/showBeer.html?name=goose-ipa) a very nice beer but not as nice as the Duke I had last night at Granite City (http://www.gcfb.com/craft-beers/always-on-tap/).

Now time for bed as Michele is already asleep after her marathon day of shopping!