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A busy week in the office using Revit – AGAIN!

This past week has been a busy one in the office as we’ve been inundated with schemes to produce for all side of the business. Yes we’ve been working for both Social Infrastructure & Property.

JP was swamped with Education Funding Agency work, CM was away on annual leave & as usual we had no support from our colleagues down South! 🙁

I was asked to put my existing workload on the back-burner & take a Property Team scheme on for JP. It wasn’t a difficult job but rather than use AutoCAD we elected to undertake the design in Revit. Revit enabled us to quickly shift the furniture layout around as well as provide an existing, demolition & proposed layouts very easily. Only wished we’d been given the Revit Families training, but we’ve still got to get approval off work for that! We had to space plan an office fit out for a 125 seat office with a mixture of 4 and 6 person desks. There was also a requirement to provide 4 number 6 person ‘touch-down’ desks. In the end all was completed on time & sent to our Quantity Surveyors to price up. We even managed time to create two options. Then it was back to playing catch-up on my core work for the Manchester Education Team with some Development Plans that needed creating. I was also able to clear a planning application for a remodelling of a teachers staff room that required new windows and a door adding.

The week ended with a couple of pints at a new bar which had opened on Station Approach Manchester called Piccadilly Tap.

There was quite a turn-out for a Friday lunchtime pint as there was 8 of us from the office who had decided it was definitely needed. So we split ourselves into 2 groups of four to make the cost of buying a round more appealing.

Piccadilly Tap, Manchester 2015

We are still trying to get our CAD drawing sheets created too, its been over 3 weeks now since we re-branded the company to our parent companies name and we are still waiting for the title sheets to be produced. Its getting quite embarrassing but I can safely say no one is waiting for me to create them as someone else (who shall remain nameless) has taken it on to undertake. Its not just the AutoCAD ones that we are waiting for its the Revit one too.

More the same this coming week I expect.

The weekend was much more fun, Michele and I went off to Warrington looking for new cars as our current deal which ends in May 2016. Michele fancies a Mitsubishi ASX crossover, but after having a look I’m not so sure. It looks slightly bigger than the Nissan Quashai that we used to have and I’m not too sure if I want a car that big again. Some debate to go though. Then we did a spot of shopping in Warrington, new work shirts and trousers. Following this we called at Bents Garden Centre near Leigh as they’ve had a new refurbishment undertaken and it looked quite smart inside. Maybe another trip is due before the Christmas period kicks in.

Saturday evening was spent with our friends Warren and Dawn as they’d offered us tea after we called in for a coffee. Dawn made a nice Chilli con Carne which was washed down with a couple of bottles of ‘Old Speckled Hen‘. Dawn had been in work all day and even though we’d not seen them all for a couple of weeks we called it a night just after 21:00 so Dawn could settle down and rest.

Sunday (today) was a rest day, i did a little bit of practice with Revit to keep the skill up as I’d noticed that because I’d not used it for a couple of weeks I’d lost the edge. We called over the road to Michele’s parents to see how they were and they both seemed happy.

I’ve had a chat with my daughter Sam tonight who has been telling me what she’s been planning for the coming weeks with a trip to Sheffield and also Nottingham. She was also explaining that her husband (Matt) and her have set a new business up called ‘Sammy and Matt – business builder and mentors‘. How they manage to find the time in their busy life I don’t know but good luck to them both. If you don’t try you’ll never succeed.

Lewis and Drew have both been busy with work too this week as I’ve not seen or heard from them both either. Oh the catering trade and the hours they put in.

Michele, Josh and I have been at the 6th Form Opening Evening this week looking for options for Josh to do after his GCSE’s in May/June 2016. He wants to do Business Studies at A Level and in his own words become an Entrepreneur. Maybe we should buy him this book?

I’ll wrap up now as Homeland (season 5) is due on Channel 4 tonight and it’s my turn to make the lunch for tomorrow.

REVIT all the way

This week was a big step towards my employers embracing ‘ (Building Information Modeling – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Building_information_modeling), 6 of us had 3 days intense training in Autodesk’s software REVIT (http://www.autodesk.co.uk/adsk/servlet/pc/index?siteID=452932&id=14645193) which is used for the production of BIM.

The REVIT training lasted for 3 full days & was undertaken in our Manchester Office & was provided by CADLine (http://www.cadline.co.uk/) our preferred CAD suppliers.

During the training it became evident that REVIT will help us immensly with the  production of our drawings, especially the school refurbishments that we undertake for many of our clients. REVIT will not only speed up our drawing production but will also enable us to add more functionality to the models.

Can’t wait to make in-roads into converting some of our existing drawings to show the governing bodies of the schools.

We are also now well into the program to roll out the recently signed EBA (Enterprise Bussiness Agreement) with Autodesk which will give us all with access to all the CAD & BIM software we need across  the group globally. Watch out for more information as we progress this.

My current role as UK CAD Manager has grown slightly to include Asia, Europe & the Middle East so there is plenty of work for me to get my teeth into.

Manchester United played Fulham in the 4th round of the FA Cup on saturday & I elected not to go, this is all mainly down to me not enjoying the game as much as I used, which in turn has led me to seriously think about not renewing my season tickets next season, which is a shame as I had them for the past 24 seasons. By the way United won & now face Reading in the 5th round at Old Trafford.

Have I ever told you how proud of my children I am, No? Well just read the next couple of lines & if it doesn’t come through that I am proud of them all well I am so prod I could burst at times. Love them all.

Drew my eldest lad should have been in Paris this week with his girlfriend Fran but due to the weather they didn’t make it. Maybe one day Drew.

Sam my daughter has had the survey reports back on the house that her & her boyfriend Matt are looking at buying, however they have also found another house that may well suit them better, choices & decisions for the pair of them, I’m sure they’ll make the right choice.

Lewis my middle son has this week secured a day a week work experience at the Radisson Hotel (http://www.radissonblu-edwardian.com/manchester-hotel-gb-m2-5gp/gbmanche/) as a Chef, well done Lewis maybe one day you’ll be the Head Chef there.

Joshua the youngest apart from a stroppy teenager has this week come home with an award from school for his hard work & dedication which we are all very pleased with.

Harry my grandson has now almost seen off whooping cough only to find that it has been replaced by croup! poor lad, he’s not had an easy start to his life but he sure knows how to fight.

Mrs C is fit & well & is probably one of the strongest women I know, not everything goes the way she wants but she certainly stands up for herself. You go girl. I love you stronger each day x