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Beer & chat

Again i knew this would happen yesterdays post is today!

Yesterday afternoon has been in the diary for the past couple of months & I was so looking forward to it.

Lazy morning followed by a quick-lunch then off to Daisy Hill train station for the train to Manchester Victoria.

The weather in Manchester was not as warm & bright as it had been in Hindley Green but at least it wasn’t wet!

First pub was Mother Mac’s on Back Piccadilly, Michele’s face was a picture :-0, what sort of pub have you brought me too was going through her mind. Mother Mac’s is a typical back street pub. As Michele said it’s full of old men. Rob & Sarah were late as they had to wait for a tram then they struggled to find it. They got there eventually & we had a reasonable pint of Boddingtons.

Second pub was a short walk away and it was Port Street Beer House (http://www.portstreetbeerhouse.co.uk/) we had two pints in here & the last one I had was the best it was Titanic Black Ice (http://www.titanicbrewery.co.uk/p/our-beers/titanic-occasional-specials/titanic-beer-blackice.html) great dark bitter. I think both Michele & Sarah liked this too.

Rob & Gary - Crown & Anchor (28-04-2012)The third pub was the Crown & Anchor only 20 meters away from Port Street Beer House it was not you’d expect from the outside but the inside was fresh, modern & spacious. Rob wasn’t too sure about the placement of the pub & suggested that it would not have been out-of-place in the Gay Village. Nice pint of Timothy Tailors Landlord though.

Then it was time for some food & back off to Piccadilly, Michele took us off to Pizza Express & knew the menu off by heart, proves how often she goes with the girls from work.

Meanwhile the fouth pub was The Castle on Oldham Street. It was very crowded in The Castle as there was a band in the back room, but we managed OK. I had a great pint of Dizzy Blonde (http://www.robinsonsbrewery.com/index.php/catalog/product/view/id/11/category/22/) There were some characters in here & Rob was highly amused by a bloke eating a pickled egg!

Our fifth pub should have been The Marble Arch on Rochdale Road but i got mixed up & we wandered further up Oldham Street until Michele said no more as she was fearing for her life! so we turned around & went back in to Manchester. We ended up at the Unicorn for 1 last beer before the train & trams home.

We had to wait 45 minutes for a train home from Victoria so Michele had a hot chocolate & I had a quarter pounder from Mcdonalds.

Train journey home on the mad train that was rammed to bursting, was OK until some fools decided to sing Anti United & Munich songs & I had to say something in response. All ended peacefully though.

Great afternoon & evening will have to do it again soon.

Friday – No Post :-(

No post added yesterday (Friday) as I’d been at work all day then went for a few cheeky beers, some food and managed six holes of indoor golf at The Green, Piccadilly. (http://www.thegreenmanchester.com/).

the second time we’ve been from work & it’s fun especially as I’d never ever been interested in playing golf! We then finished the evening off at Port Street Beer House (http://www.portstreetbeerhouse.co.uk/).

Lazy day this morning so far as Mrs C & myself are off out to clear some of the pubs in the Northern Quarter of their stock of beer with my brother & sister-in-law whilst my eldest & Matt are keeping her eye on the 2 youngest.

Meeting up at Mother Mac’s (Back Piccadilly), we may even return to Port Street Beer House too :-).

based on this today’s post may be tomorrow too 😉