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Wow what a week

Wow what a week we’ve had. We’ve had high’s & low’s all week.

The low’s have been a terrorist attack in Paris on Friday night that has seen in excess of 120+ innocent civilians MURDERED by a cowardly terrorist faction called ISIS. These cowards attacked an international friendly football match at the Stade de France between France & Germany by causing at least one suicide bomber to detonate a bomb belt/vest which killed a handful of people. Then within minutes a handful of gunmen opened fire with automatic rifles on innocent diners at a couple of restaurants before storming a rock concert & taking over 100 people hostage. The hostages were then shot & had bombs thrown at them before the French police could get to rescue them. The terrorist then blew themselves up or were shot by the French Police.

All this in the name of religion!

Why can’t the world just live in peace?

The surreal bit about the sad happenings on friday night was that you had Sky News giving ‘LIVE’ feed from Paris while on BBC you had ‘Children In Need‘ with all the good people donating what they could afford to help Children who need help. SO SAD.

The good part to ‘Wow what a week’ was that Michele won a competition on our local radio station (KEY103) to fly to New York for a 3 day trip to see Adele ‘LIVE’ at Madison Square Garden’s Radio City Hall in the heart of Manhattan. She has also been given 2 nights accommodation in the Affinia Hotel, Manhattan.

All Michele had to do was answer 3 Adele related questions correctly. But before she got the chance to answer she was in a queue on the telephone to get through as caller number 8. The DJ’s Mike & Chelsea went to caller number 9 first & the young lady got a question wrong which meant they went to another line, line number 8 & it was Michele.

Question one – how far to the nearest 1000 is New York from Manchester in miles?

Answer – 3000 mile – correct as it was 3300 miles

Question two – What city was Adele born in?

Answer – London – correct

DJ’s we are now going to play an Adele song, back after this…..

Michele was nervously waiting sat in the passenger seat of the car.

Are you still there Michele? Yes (nervous)

Question three – One of Adele’s middle names is a colour, which one?

Answer – Blue – correct

Michele your going to New York to see Adele, who are you taking?

My husband.

you can see the later part of the competition here on YouTube.


It was then a whirlwind day trying to get the days off work as I’d used all my holidays up & have had to have taken time off unpaid, However Michele still has some days left & just needed to shuffle them about.

Flights booked, Manchester to JFK & then 2 nights in Manhattan here we come.

Follow the next couple of blogs as i report back each night on how we have got on.

To close the wow what a week we’ve had we had an evening with our friends Warren & Dawn who were giving us some tips on New York as they’ve been before (so has Michele for her 40th with the ladies). And then this evening we’ve had a skype conversation with my cousin in Chicago.