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Abbreviation of Manchester United Football Club

Super Bowl XLVIII

Well it’s that time of year here in the UK that we get bombarded with TV shows about the American Super Bowl, this years is  Super Bowl XLVIII (http://www.nfl.com/) & will be contested between Seattle Seahawks & Denver Broncos at the MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey in about 3 hours as I type this post.

Super Bowl XLVIIIHaving never seen an American Football game in person & only ever having watched it on TV I will sit down after the UK BBC News at Ten & put Sky Sports on as previous years & watch what I can before tiredness takes over & I head off to bed. The tiredness usually kicks in just before the end of the second quarter.

So who do you think will win Super Bowl XLVIII? Will it be the Seahawks or the Broncos? My prediction will be a close fought game & the Broncos running out winners of Super Bowl XLVIII.

My own team Manchester United (MUFC) really do seem to be struggling with the change over from Sir Alex Ferguson to David Motes, however they did break their own transfer record to buy Juan Mata from rivals Chelsea for £37.1M

Mata started the midweek game at home to Cardiff with what appeared to be a fine performance which United ran out victors, then over this weekend they played away to Stoke & were undone by one badly deflected goal & one world class goal both by Charlie Adam, with only a single goal from Van Persie. This has now put Moyes under more pressure than ever. I’m sure he’ll start to deliver soon though.

Work this past two weeks has been a little bit eventful with some unwanted news. I can’t tell you on here yet but I’m sure I’ll be able to update you all over the coming months. All I can say was that it was not a nice feeling being put under that sort of pressure, however the sweetness was the number of good loyal colleagues rallying round for support. Thanks to each & every one of them I am really appreciative of your help.

So now it’s nearly time to settle down & watch Super Bowl XLVIII so enjoy the game if you are too & come on Broncos.

English Premier League – best in the world

Well today proved the point that the English Premier League is the best in the world.

Manchester United & Manchester City level pegging with the last game of the season ready to be played. Only thing to separate them was goal difference.

Manchester City at home to QPR & Manchester United away at Sunderland.

Manchester United took the lead from Rooney, Manchester City looked nervous at home albeit that they seemed to have more of the possession. Manchester City managed to get a goal before the break.

Both managers using half time to focus their players.

Both games held up in the 2nd half so that they KO at the same time.

TV flashes to the Manchester City game just after the re-start & QPR have a goal back, Manchester United fans erupt with joy.

The TV flashes to the Etihad again as Joey Barton gets sent off for tangling with Tevez, then there is a mass of handbags being thrown as Barton knee’s Aguero, then seems to head-butt Kompany before marching off the pitch only to tangle with Balloteli. Was this good news for Manchester United or not, how can 10 men hold off a determined Manchester City, but wait a minute QPR are in the lead.

The Manchester United fans at Sunderland let the team know with the chanting.

90 minutes are almost up Manchester united have 3 minutes extra to play while Manchester city have 5!!!!! Wow where did that come from?

Manchester United play out for a 0-1 win but just before our final whistle Manchester City get it back to 2-2.

I’m stood up walking up & down as the tension builds, wait what’s that as the Manchester United players are walking off the pitch Aguero has scored to make it 3-2 with almost the last kick of the game. No that was not in the script.

No hard feelings to the blue half of Manchester, City have played the better football all season & if they can only beat an average if not poor Manchester United team by goal difference they deserve to win the Premier League.

Manchester United will lick their wounds & regroup for next season as we’ll never die.

Football over now, back on with today’s news.

Dix stayed over last night & it was gone 01.00 before we went to bed. Had a good chat & a few beers.

Up just before 09.00 this morning & the house was peaceful, sat & read for a while.

When Dix left I got on with some gardening & mowed the lawn at the rear & collected all the leaves & weeds up.

Then it was time for the football. All exhausted after the excitement but still managed to be civil to my Blue brother 😉

Caught up with a little bit of TV with Mrs C & now off to bed, bring on match of the day.

here’s a poem to end tonight’s blog with

United’s flag is deepest red, It shrouded all our Munich dead. Before their limbs grew stiff and cold, Their heart’s blood dyed it’s ev’ry fold.