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X Factor!

Rant of the week – how many times is X Factor going to be on this week?

Saturday & Sunday by the looks of things, so now at 20:20 on Sunday we are in the middle of an X Factor marathon 🙁

If football was on this many times I’d be in serious trouble

X Factor aside we’ve had a productive weekend which culminated in a trip to our local Costco for a freezer stock up & also to get some tea & coffee for Mrs C’s office.

My twitter account sent out a couple of strange tweets that seemed to lead people to a malware site, so I had to reset my password. If you opened one of these two tweets I apologise

Now back to the X Factor 🙁

Peace and quiet over!

The peace and quiet of the past week is now over as the boys are back from Boys Brigade camp!

By the sounds of things they have thoroughly enjoyed their week away with Boys Brigade in Whitby, North Yorkshire. Both boys don’t seem too tired after their exploits, however they have both spent Sunday in peace and quiet at home.

Our week of peace and quiet has been one of being at work during the day and then relaxing at home in peace and quiet 🙂

Mrs C however ended up with conjunctivitis on Tuesday and had a very red, weeping sore left eye. We went to the walk-in centre and were only kept waiting for a while. She was prescribed an ointment for her eye which worked wonders and showed signs of easing the very next day. However being a stubborn lady Mrs C still went into work even though she was unable to see properly!

On Friday we had a couple of friends up from London for the weekend. They had a terrible journey along the M25 from not too far from Heathrow as well as a slow trip up the M6. However they made it up and our vending meal (chicken and crisps) was waiting for them.

Friday night was spent with beer and wine sat in the sun room chewing the fat over with them as we hadn’t seen them in person since August last year when they traveled into London to catch up with us while we were down here.

Saturday was a quick breakfast of bacon butties before we headed off to Liverpool for the day. Brian was blamed for the curse of the traffic jam as we’d no sooner got to the East Lancs Road than we were sat in traffic! Then again as we headed through the Everton Valley we were hit with another traffic jam as it appeared as Liverpool were at home. Eventually we made it and parked up. The day was spent meandering around Liverpool before we headed home. Yet again we were hit with Brian’s curse as we ended up in more traffic, this time the traffic leaving Anfield!

On returning home we were met with a washing line with drying clothes on and a fresh batch in the washing machine – total surprise

Saturday night Mrs C, Helen, Brian and myself went out to Andiamo’s for a very nice Italian while the boys had a takeaway at home.

Sunday was a lazy day as Helen and Brian returned home safe and sound and in a better queue free trip compared to Fridays .

What will this next week bring?

Party Wife & a trip to A & E

I was up & at my laptop for 07:00 sharp this morning as I was working from home.

I was on taxi duty for Mrs C, my daughter & Dix this morning so an early start was needed so I could build the hours up so i could take them to Old Trafford for the Key103 Ladies Lunch.

All dropped off safe & sound at The Manchester Suite, Old Trafford for 11.00 to catch the rest of the ladies up, all 700 of them!

I then set off for work & got within 10 minutes of the office when Mrs C rang to say our youngest had fallen at school & they wanted us to pick him up. I called school to find out what had happened & he’d fallen in PE & landed on his wrist. He was complaining he couldn’t move his wrist & as usual school take no responsibility & pass the book. 3/4 of an hour later I’d got to school, signed him out & was on our way to A & E.

2 x-rays later & a quick check over by the Dr & it was good news NO BREAK but just badly sprained. They fixed him up with a sling for the weekend & released us.

Quick dart back to school & he was dropped off & I was on my way home to get some work done. I spent the afternoon sorting CAD issues that were being caused by DRM block on the title sheets.

Then back off to Old Trafford to pick the 3 ladies back up. Looked like & smelled like they’d had a good time, only 1 not drinking was my daughter but she is 5+ month pregnant.

Listening to them babel on in the car they seemed to have enjoyed themselves albeit that the tables were a little bit detached from each other & were not as close to the stage & runway as last year. How dare they treat VIP guests this way! But they did enjoy themselves & have already started plotting next years Ladies Lunch.

Back home this evening we had a lengthy conversation with my cousin, her daughter, my aunt & my cousin’s partner who live out in the US. The weather over there looks so nice at the moment & of course i got the usual badgering by Mrs C to go over & visit. Maybe soon 😉

Lazy weekend ahead i hope,

Oh & if you are interested the sling is off & the cheeky little sod is feeling a lot better! TYPICAL!