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A busy weekend with friends

We’ve had a busy weekend with friends who have been up visiting from London.

Helen (an old school fried of Michele’s) and Brian arrived late on Friday evening after a long drive from Horsham in West Sussex. Michele had cooked a welcoming winter meal for our guests of Chicken and Vegitable Bake, all as requested by Helen. Helen and Brian had this served to them last time they called up and liked it so much that it had been requested once again.

Friday evening was spent drinking beer/wine and chatting  as it had been a while since we had last seen the pair of them.

Saturday morning was a little bit rushed as Michele had organised a treat for Helen and herself that had been brought forward by a couple of hours. So it was off into Manchester. I dropped the girls off just off Peter Street by the Free Trade Hall now the Radisson Hotel. The treat Michele had arranged was for the two of them to have their nails done at The Midland Hotel. The Midland Hotel was not Michele’s first choice but the Radisson Hotel was unable to undertake the nails on the saturday.

While the girls were pampering themselves Brian and i went to the National Football Museum at the Urbis Centre.There are some very interesting exhibits in the museum. The one that i think stood out most of all was the presentation on disasters at football games and how the change was made to all seater stadia, especially after the Fire disaster at Bradford City FC, where 56 people perished.

Following our visit to the museum Brian & I called into Sinclair’s Oyster Bar for a cheeky pint before catching the girls up outside of the Pandora store in Manchester Arndale.

We then spent the afternoon mooching about the city, stopping off for lunch and then grabbing a couple of extra cheeky beers.

The evening was spent at home where we had a hearty Chinese take-away all washed down with plenty of beer.

Michele made us all sit through the X Factor before Brian and i got chance to catch up with Match of the Day.

Sunday was a lazy day which started off with a full cooked English breakfast. Brian and Helen left shortly after lunchtime with a 4+ hour drive home, but guess what Michele forgot to give Helen the pies she’d been storing in the freezer for her! Oh well Helen I suppose i’ll have to eat them 😉

A selection of Manchester skylines & sunsets

Here are a selection of sunsets I’ve taken in and around the Manchester area.

Manchester is an industrial City in the North West of England and I’m more than happy to call it HOME.

I’d keep an eye on this post & gallery as I’ll hopefully be adding more images to it as time passes by.

Half term

This past week was half term at school which meant that Joshua was off school all week. We agreed that he could have 3 days at home enjoying his own company and we would have Thursday and Friday with him.

Well the first three days of his half term break was spent playing on his xbox with his mates, then mum and dad spoilt the fun by having two days off with him.

We’d planned to have a family day out on Thursday as Lewis and Danielle were both off too but only after Josh had been to the orthodontist for his consultation about his brace fitting. It was agreed that his brace fitting will take place the Easter holidays.

So after his consultation we went to pick Lewis and Danielle up from her Aunts house as Lewis had been introduced to her Aunt and Uncle.

All three kids fancied a game of ten pin bowling so off we headed towards the bowling alley as the Marcon Stadium (Bolton Wanderers Ground). But guess what with it being half term we were told the next available lane would be available in 3 hours! I presume that this was because it was wet outside. So instead we had a change of plan and elected to go to the cinema to watch the Kingsman. Tickets purchased znd off we set towards the screen showing the film, only to be stopped in our tracks by the manager checking tickets who notified us that we were unable to enter the cinema as Josh was not 15! Well he will be in 2 weeks but that;s not now!

So the 3rd option for the day was a trip to Fleetwood but as most of the day had already been used up we’d only get half a day there. We did have a nice afternoon though shopping at Freeport and managed to pick up a couple of bargains too, On the way home we called in to Applewood Farm for a carvery and the only one not to over-face themselves was Michele!

Friday was a bit of a wash-out with the weather as well as feeling a little under the weather – I wonder if it was something I ate?

So we spent the day clearing a load of old paper work which then enabled us to be able to take the old filing cabinet to the refuse tip on the saturday morning. I also set up a new fax machine for my Father-in-Law. I didn’t know they still sold them!

Saturday afternoon and evening was spent out in Manchester with our good friends Warren and Dawn helping to celebrate Dawn’s birthday.

We met up at The Castle on Oldham Street, however Michele was not impressed and called it an old man’s pub! From there the girls headed off shopping while Warren and I had a couple of more beers at the Micro Brewery Bar in Manchester Arndale Shopping Centre. When the girls returned we headed off to Sinclair’s Oyster Bar where both girls were accused of being lesbians as they wouldn’t join a group of lads while Warren and I were at the bar getting the beers in. From Sinclair’s we headed off for something to eat at The Mitre Hotel. Wow it was busy but we did manage to get a table for the four of us. The food was excellent when it came and we enjoyed a couple of Bellini’s along with a couple of extra beers before heading home courtesy of Dawn driving.

Today has been wet and cold with sporadic snow showers that were not sticking as the ground was wet. We were going to go back into Manchester today to end the half term break watching the Chinese New Year Celebrations but due to the wet weather we’ve stayed inside all day.

Now back to work tomorrow.