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Back in the office

Finally got back to the office today after being off over Easter & being on site yesterday. Great to see the lads & lasses again at work, I’ve missed them all 😉

I had some CAD Management backlog to get through then a team meeting & finished the day off drawing up yesterdays survey.

Mrs C has been off work ill today with what appeared to be the same symptoms as I had last week, not nice but she’ll be on the mend soon enough.

Typical – ill when on holiday from work!

Well today has been a wasted day. I’ve felt ill and grotty all day with a chest infection & an aching back 🙁

Not really in the mood for typing this up but I am a brave one 😉

Weather has been a mixture of warm sun then quite heavy down pours of rain with hailstone mixed in!

Played taxi driver to the kids again with Josh at Wigan rollarink & Lewis’s mate needing to be taken home.

As I type, Wigan have taken the lead against Manchester United FC just after the break, meanwhile Manchester City FC are beating West Brom 2-0 at The Emptysad Stadium.

Odd though, my mate working in the Middle East is able to watch the Wigan v Manchester United FC game live yet me living 5 miles away from Wigan’s ground is unable to find it anywhere on TV!

Hoping to feel a lot better tomorrow though.