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Tuscany – August 2015

The highlight of the week is that we’ve booked to go to Tuscany in August 2015 with Canvas Holidays.

With a bit of last minute dialogue with Warren & Dawn we’ve managed to agree on a camp site in Tuscany, a date to go, accommodation to keep both parties happy.

We are in Tuscany at Park Albatros for two weeks in a two bed caravan while Warren, Dawn & Adam are joining us for our second week and are staying in a tent on the same site with the same holiday company.

We’ve booked our flights from Liverpool to Pisa too so all that’s left to do is book the car parking at Liverpool along with a car at Pisa. The parking at Liverpool is coming in at about £29 for the two weeks so we can’t grumble at that cost. I’ve even managed to get 8% cashback as I’d booked via my Quidco account. Better in my pocket than theirs. If you want to make a saving too join up using the following link, I’ll even give you 50 pence as start-up cashback.

I love Quidco

We’ve also had a lazy weekend this week as Michele has been suffering with the tail end of a cold which has made her feel lethargic.

We have though cleared through a backlog of paperwork that has built up over the past couple of months.

We did have one trip out though to our friends David and Beverley’s to settle up for the recovering of our six dining chairs, We are both well pleased with what David has managed to do for us, he;s done a fantastic job. Thanks David if your reading this.

Sausage Butties – nom nom …..

Wow what a week!

just sat down to eat a selection of sausage butties along with a pint of Theakstons Old Peculier in hand, could it get any better? I think not 🙂

The week started out with a trip to Rotherham for a site measure & ended with sausage butties.

The middle lad was excluded from school for 2 days due to a silly prank that he now regrets – fool! Do boys ever learn?

The youngest lad is starting to backchat & all I want is a peaceful life!

Mrs C has been under the weather with a heavy cold, but like all Northern girls she’s soldiered on.

I’ve had an exam today that i only revised for for 30 minutes (honest) & yes I did pass. I even beat several Chartered Building Surveyors & one of those was a partner 🙂

No lie in tomorrow as Lewis is back at football with a meet up at 09:00 at the home pitch.

So roll on the weekend with a smile 🙂

Busy day but worthwhile

I’ve had a really busy day by working harder than normal in the office today, cleared the existing layout for the office in Rotherham as well as providing 2 options for the space planning layout. Just need to site back & wait for confirmation off the client that all is OK.

Also started to clear some of the education team’s backlog, but still a lot more to get rid of.

Had a meeting with the North location leader who helped us to understand the commercial issues the business is experiencing at this current time. It was not a ‘Doom & Gloom’ meeting as we were given some interesting & positive news. Message to all the team ‘lets keep the good work up’ 🙂

Mrs C is still a little under the weather but is on the mend.

On a lighter note I’ve managed to have a conversation with all 4 of my children today at some point or other, albeit that the 2 eldest was via the telephone.

Very wet today but not that cold.