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Mrs C decided that we were going to take our Grandson Harry out for a walk on Saturday, so we were up and out early doors leaving the two youngest boys in bed!

Lewis had an excuse as he’s currently working nights at work and will only have got home to bed at about 06:00, Joshua on the other hand as i may have pointed out is being a grotty teenager so it was easier to leave him in bed.

We were at Sam’s for just after 10:00 and all Harry said when we got there was “Josh?“, nope sorry he’s not come as we’d left him in bed.

Sam joined us for the walk even though we did our best to persuade her to have a little bit of peace & quiet as Matt was also in bed after working nights. So off we headed towards Dunham Park. It’s all changed since we were last there as the car park we used to use opposite the style entrance neat Dunham lights has gone and they now have a large car park within the grounds not too far from Dunham village.

Sam had here National Trust pass with her so there was no need to pay the £6 car park fee.

Harry wanted to take his scooter along with us but we persuaded him to leave it in the car, so all Sam had to carry was his potty just in case he needed the loo as he’s still being potty trained.

Off we went in search of the deer which we were not disappointed albeit that they were a little farther away than I’d have wanted.

Now for the bump story……

most of the paths towards the deer sanctuary are well made apart from one section on the return trip towards the car park. Harry was getting a little tired so I’d picked him. This particular pathway was quite muddy so we moved across over a gully to a dryer section when i could feel my feet slipping in the mud. As I shifted my weight to get my balance i slipped more then realised i was going down with a bump. With Harry in my arms I’d got a dilemma do i fall on him, do i throw him to one side or do i take the hit and let Harry fall onto me?

So down we both came in the mud with a BUMP, Harry immediately burst in to tears even though he wasn’t hurt but just shocked. I was the one that took the full force and landed on my back. Jeans and coat now all covered in mud!

We finished our walk off with lunch in the cafe which was more expensive than we’d expected it to be. Two jacket potatoes, one sandwich , one child’s sandwich, two coffees, two bags of crisps and one bag of chocolate buttons – £23!!!

Saturday afternoon included a visit to see my sister-in-law for her birthday, then back home to prepare for an evening in with our friends Warren and Dawn.

Sunday as expected my back was aching from yesterdays bump so Mrs C has been fussing over me and administering pain killers.

We’ve also had time to catch up with my cousin in Chicago on Skype or was it facetime?

On the football front it’s been FA Cup weekend, Manchester United had a tricky draw at Cambridge, so it’s a replay at Old Trafford in the next 10 days or so, however Manchester City and Chelsea didn’t fair so well as they were both beaten and dumped out of the FA Cup by lower league clubs. Could this be the opportunity that Manchester United need to grab some silverware this season? We’ve not won the FA Cup though for the past 10 years so lets hope so.

Now settled down ready for the week ahead.

Bumped head!

We’ve had a lovely Sunday afternoon with the family.

Mum & dad had invited us over for Sunday roast & we had the day all mapped out with a short spell of shopping in Altrincham, followed by a visit to my brother & his family, then over to see Sam, Matt & Harry before catching up with mum & dad.

However it didn’t all go to plan as Lewis was struggling to free himself from the clutches of his bed! He’d been out late two nights on the bounce in Wigan!

So unfortunately a visit to see my brother & family had to get knocked on the head! Sorry Rob, Sarah, William and Max 🙁

Harry seemed a cheerful little fellow and was playing with uncle ‘big little chef’ (AKA Lewis) and uncle squash (AKA Josh) before he tripped near the TV & bumped his head just above his left eye, which resulted in a quick trip to the chemist then Altrincham Accident & Emergency Unit who applied a steristrp. After a tearful couple of minutes he seemed cheerful enough and the scar shouldn’t be too noticeable when gets older.

Sunday roast at mum & dads was Roast Beef & Yorkshire puddings with all the trimmings, a bottle of red & dad’s finest malt whiskey to wash it down with nom nom.

Thanks mum & dad x

Lewis is 1 step closer to the RAF

Lewis sat his aptitude test for the RAF this week & passed, he now has a verbal interview in 2 weeks followed by his medical & physical should all go well. Well done Lewis we are really proud of you.

Drew had his 23rd birthday this week & due to a busy diary we;ve not managed to catch up with him. Hopefully this week coming I can get some time with my eldest son.

Sam, Matt & Harry have heating installed in their new house so hopefully it wont be as cold as our first visit when we next call over.

Josh has shown a keen interest in maybe taking graphics as an option at school. He’s prepared some really cool designs revolving around his name. Looking good Josh keep it up.

Mum & Dad went to see the Lion King this week as a joint Mothers Day & Dad’s Birthday gift off Rob, Sarah, Michele & myself. From the feedback we were given they seemed to enjoy the show.

The coming week at work is going to be one revolving around CAD Standards as I have a meeting with the ARCADIS lads & then another one with the Format Team. Hopefully some good changes will come from it that will benefit all.