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World-wide game played by 11 people on either side & a ball with 2 goals. In the USA it is referred to as soccer.

Oh what a week

Well after a Full on weekend last weekend I’ve had an Oh what a week this week!

Too say I’m tired is an under statement, we’ve been busy all week in the office then to cap that we’ve been busy at home too.

The European Championships have been on all week & I’ve only had time to watch the highlights of the games this week, except for tonight when I’ve managed to watch Sweden-v-England. England made hard work of it to win 2-3. We only need a draw in our last game to get through to the knock-out stages.

Have started to look today for a family holiday, so if anybody has any suggestions for sun & relaxation please give me a message.

Lewis is also looking for a part-time job so again if anybody has any suggestions please let me know.

Another fantastic day in the sun :-)

Got up this morning to another beautiful day, sat in the sun room basking in the heat of the morning sun.

After lunch I cleared the weeds from the block paviours on the drive, that was back breaking 🙁 however I was outside in the sun. I managed to get half of the drive cleared.

Then it was another trip to the hospital but this time on an agreed appointment as Lewis was having a tooth out, yep on a Saturday afternoon. It could have been done by our dentist weeks ago but he was being soft & the dentist referred him to the hospital.

After  a 20 minute wait in the waiting room he was called through and with the help of his mother, who kindly held his hand he had the tooth pulled out!

Back home to a very nice curry from the take-away washed down with bottle of hopping hare & a bishops finger. All this while I watch England’s 1st game under the charge of Roy Hodgeson against Norway which we won 0-1.

After the sun had gone down i lit the chimenea and sat just watching the flames dance while I opened a nice bottle of red.

Now back inside smelling of smoke!!

Lets hope Matt doesn’t call the fire brigade tonight and wake my daughter like he did last night! That may well be another story to tell on my blog but I’ll need Matt’s blessing 1st!