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Fuerteventura – mid point of our stay

We’ve reached the mid point of our stay at Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahia Real in Corralejo, Fuerteventura & it’s a great place to relax.

The sun has been out everyday & has been about 21 degrees everyday, there are some clouds but the do pass over quite quickly. There is a steady breeze on the beach which gives you the misconception you’re not burning – don’t truth that feeling keep plying the sun cream or you will burn like I did a little!

The staff throughout the hotel are very attentive and you are greeted by smiles and buenos Dias or buenos Natchez whenever they see you. Nothing seems too much trouble for them, you want to move your sun lounger they are there moving it for you etc.

The food is excellent and plentiful. Breakfasts include cereal, breads, meats, cheeses, freshly prepared omelette. While the evening themes are varied, so far we’ve had roast meats, Tex-Mex, Japanese, fish & tonight’s is Mediterranean. At the fish evening last night I had locally caught parrot fish cooked by a young lady called Rebecca from Chesterfield who has lived on the ills an for the past 12 years. The parrot fish was nice but a little bit boney which you have to be careful of.

Most days we’ve relaxed on the beach, there is a pool complex in the heart of the hotel but the beach is good enough for us, the noise of the waves are quite hypnotic.

Yesterday we walked along the beach into Corralejo and reached the pier where the ferry leaves for Lanzarote. The walk along the beach takes longer than the road but is a little more enjoyable. We had a couple of drinks over looking the harbour then did some shopping before heading back to the hotel. Michele was left sunbathing whilst I walked the opposite direction towards Hotel Riu & the white sands at the nature reserve to watch the kite surfers. But I hadn’t reckoned on walking through a naturist reserve! Not one of the naturist was under 65 so nothing worthwhile looking at!

After rejoining Michele at the beach I caught up with a few chapters of Game of Thrones – book one. Late afternoon we went off to the hotel spa for the second day running. The pools here are quiet & well laid out with jacuzzi & water jets. There are also steam rooms & saunas which Michele & I can only tolerant for a little while as they are so hot, then it’s a quick dip in the ice pool for me, but Michele is not brave enough! Michele was shocked the other day in the sauna as one gent walked in & sat across from her stark naked – it didn’t take Michele long to get up & leave!

For the past two nights we’ve stayed in the hotel bar, not the cheapest but enjoyable all the same as they do have some entertainment on. We’ve both taken to drinking vodka & fresh orange, they are not mean with the measures as I’m sure you get a triple shot in each glass. One evenings drinks of 3 vodka & orange and 1 hot chocolate cost us €28.

I’ll leave it at that for now as it’s time for the beach after breakfast of course.

Corralejo, Fuerteventura

Well it’s only taken us 16 years to come back to this delightful little island sat within the group of Islands known as The Canaries. But we finally made it.

We first came in September 1998 for our honeymoon where we stayed at La Concha bungalows set on the edge of Corralejo. Even though it was our honeymoon we brought our son Lewis with us for the two week stay. We met a couple called Alex & Debbie who were our neighbours for the two weeks & still to this day Michele & Debbie still exchange birthday & Christmas cards.

Well back to this visit to Corralejo, Michele won this week long stay on Key 103 in the 5 star hotel of Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahia Real all we have to pay for are flights and drinks as it’s all half-board.

We were up at 03:20 as we had an early morning flight from Liverpool airport. As previous experience has shown the auto registration reader at the airport car park failed to pick up our registration & a quick chat with the control room cured the issue. Once we were flight side it was breakfast (no alcohol was consumed – as I have great Will power) & a limitless bit of duty free shopping. The flight left about 30 minutes but we did make time up on the flight into Fuerteventura. A private puck up was arranged for us for the 40 minute drive to the hotel where we were greeted with a glass of champagne as we checked in.

It was a little overcast early afternoon so we elected to walk into Corralejo which was about 20-25 minutes for us power walkers. We had a light lunch of omelette for Michele & Canarian potatoes for me all washed down with a couple of grande draft beers.

As the clouds lifted we headed to the beach for a couple of hours sun-worshiping before having our evening meal.

The hotel restaurant is clean & well laid out. The theme for the evening seemed to be traditional roast meats (beef, chicken & lamb chops) as well as an assortment of fresh fish.

By 21:30 we were both whacked & so retired to bed.

By 09:00 we were awake and ready for breakfast – cereal followed by freshly cooked omelette & croissants to follow all washed down with black coffee.

Then we hit the beach for a day of sun bathing. I managed to finish Alex Ferguson’s autobiography while Michele listened to her iPod. We both caught the sun. Michele has to burn before she gets any colour as she’s so fair but even I turned a little bit pink (it was the first time for sunbathing since Jamaica 2 years ago!)

After a day in the sun we ate really well (Tex-Mex was the theme for the evening) before heading into Corralejo where we found the music square we spent so many nights at 16 years ago. A few mojito’s before a light shower sent everybody home. We caught a €4 taxi back to the hotel.

Now today is a fresh new day what shall we do?