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Back to work!

Well this past week has been a struggle getting back on to the merry-go-round of work after having nearly two weeks off for the Christmas and New Year holiday breaks!

Mrs C, Josh & I have had the full holiday period away from work and school which was a relaxing time spent with family & friends chilling, eating and drinking far too much!

Meanwhile Lewis was in work from Christmas Eve until the night after Boxing Day as he was on rota at his work – The Radisson Blu where he is a chef. He did manage to get New Years Eve away from work.

From what I can gather a flu bug was doing the rounds at work and also with some of our family, however us four managed to avoid it which was a relief 🙂

Anyway back to work it was but there was no slow build-up but a full on assault as we still had a couple of bids to prepare for the next round of the education funding. I even found time to review and change our ‘in-house’ CAD standards to reflect that we are now a true multi-discipline  CAD department with teams in Property, Social Infrastructure, M & E Engineering, Environmental Services as well as Aviation. Over the past week I’ve had no complaints so can only presume that the changes to these CAD Standards have been accepted by all of our CAD users.

This coming week at work is an unknown apart from Friday as I’ve a trip to London organised to meet up with our colleagues from RTKL & Hyder Consulting to discuss our approach to BIM and how we can all work more collectively. We will also be discussing our connection back to our parent company Arcadis and our colleagues in Europe as well as worldwide.

This week has also seen a number of terrible terrorist attacks in Paris, France which has left a total of 17 people being killed in three days of violence aimed at stopping ‘FREE SPEECH’. This has culminated in more that three million people joining together across France with approximately 1.6 million in Paris alone in a march through the city. There was even 40 world leaders that attended and linked arms in a show of defiance and solidarity against these murderous people that want to cause anarchy and trouble across the free world.


September was my last post!

Well after posting everyday for the 18 days we were in Chicago I missed the tail end of August to give you all a rest from my ramblings. Then after just the one post in September where i chirped on about my eldest sons opening of his new restaurant Urban Burger Bar in Altrincham I’ve now decided to put a fresh post up.

Its now the Sunday before Christmas 2014  & all the gifts have been bought, wrapped & sent off to Father Christmas ready for the festivities in just over 3 days time. Will we have been good enough to be rewarded with gifts this year? I hope so.

Both Mrs C & I have had our work Christmas parties which i can advise went down very well indeed.

Gary Work Christmas Party The Place 2014

The following day at my office was a little quiet as several of my colleagues had already finished for the Christmas break, I unfortunately have not been so lucky as i’d used a large portion of my holiday entitlement when we were in Chicago. However I’ve only got 1.5 days left in the office as i finish on the 23rd at lunch-time. I’m not back into work though until the 5th January 2015 😀

The reason for finishing on Tuesday lunch is because we’ve got the gathering of the old boys for curry, chips & rice along with a couple of beers at The Rising Sun, just off Deansgate Manchester. Its been a while since we all met up & is long overdue. I’m sure we’ve got plenty of stories to pass on to each other so the gossip should be worthwhile.

Christmas Day this year will be a quieter affair  compared to previous years as there will only be 5 of us for lunch but I’m sure we’ll have a blast. Boxing Day will be when the rest of us catch up as its Mums birthday so we are lucky that we get to extend Christmas Day over two days of exchanging presents, drinking  & eating with the precious people in our lives.

So until next time have fun & stay safe

Four of the CLEARY boys

Christmas PAST

Well Christmas has come & gone!

We save all year for our Christmas festivities & this year was a great time of family fun, catching up with friends & generally relaxing after a busy year.

Both Mrs C & I finished at lunch time on Christmas Eve & headed home to prepare for the family meal on Christmas Day. However I had to return to Manchester at 21:30 on Christmas Eve to collect Lewis from work as the public transport system had closed down for the holidays. I did manage a glass of whiskey when I came home as we set the living room up with the gifts for the morning.

Christmas Day arrived at our house at 08:00 hrs as Lewis was back in at work for 10:00 so we had a little time together before he went in to work. We did wake up to a fantastic pattern on the velux windows caused by the sharp frost – mother nature at her best.

By mid-morning my parents had arrived followed shortly by Mrs C’s parents. More gifts were exchanged before we sat down to am excellent typical Christmas lunch skilfully prepared by Mrs C & me 😀 Following lunch we had a small game of charade’s before we settled down to a few drinks. Lewis arrived back from a days work a little worn out but a Christmas meal set to one side for him soon revived him.

Boxing Day was pretty much the same for Lewis as he was back in work. The rest of us travelled over to Altrincham via Knutsford where we collected mum’s sister before we headed to the Hare & Hounds in Timperley for a meal to celebrate Mum’s birthday. Following the meal we all headed to Mum & Dad’s to exchange more gifts with Sam, Matt, Harry, Drew & my brother & his family. Fran (Drew’s girlfriend) was not with us as she was with her parents, I hope she had a good time though.

On the Saturday we again woke up to mother nature at her best with blue skies with fluffy white & pink clouds in the air. Later we all headed over to Airkix near the Trafford Centre where Lewis, Josh & my brothers boys were taking part in an indoor skydiving experience as part of their Christmas presents. Lewis & Will were both apprehensive whereas Josh & Max both enjoyed the experience. The only downside to the skydiving was that during the training session the boys were given the option to do a high fly which entailed flying 3 storeys up rather than low level but there was a cost to bear of £5 each, this should have been made clear at the start – so be warned.

Friday was a lazy day until Lewis managed to take the top of his thumb off with a new knife Drew had bought him for Christmas! a quick trip to the walk-in centre resulted in him being patched up & sent on his way.

Later on Saturday night we had Warren, Dawn & Adam over for the evening. We had Dawn’s favourite of beef casserole cobbler – there was even some left over for Lewis who was again working. It was a late night but an enjoyable one as we’d not seen the Bray’s for a while.

Sunday night our long standing friend Helen called up to look at Lewis’s thumb & re-bandage it. We had a great catch-up with her too as it had also been a while since we had seen her too.

Now another relaxing day before the New Year appears.