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Back to work!

Well this past week has been a struggle getting back on to the merry-go-round of work after having nearly two weeks off for the Christmas and New Year holiday breaks!

Mrs C, Josh & I have had the full holiday period away from work and school which was a relaxing time spent with family & friends chilling, eating and drinking far too much!

Meanwhile Lewis was in work from Christmas Eve until the night after Boxing Day as he was on rota at his work – The Radisson Blu where he is a chef. He did manage to get New Years Eve away from work.

From what I can gather a flu bug was doing the rounds at work and also with some of our family, however us four managed to avoid it which was a relief 🙂

Anyway back to work it was but there was no slow build-up but a full on assault as we still had a couple of bids to prepare for the next round of the education funding. I even found time to review and change our ‘in-house’ CAD standards to reflect that we are now a true multi-discipline  CAD department with teams in Property, Social Infrastructure, M & E Engineering, Environmental Services as well as Aviation. Over the past week I’ve had no complaints so can only presume that the changes to these CAD Standards have been accepted by all of our CAD users.

This coming week at work is an unknown apart from Friday as I’ve a trip to London organised to meet up with our colleagues from RTKL & Hyder Consulting to discuss our approach to BIM and how we can all work more collectively. We will also be discussing our connection back to our parent company Arcadis and our colleagues in Europe as well as worldwide.

This week has also seen a number of terrible terrorist attacks in Paris, France which has left a total of 17 people being killed in three days of violence aimed at stopping ‘FREE SPEECH’. This has culminated in more that three million people joining together across France with approximately 1.6 million in Paris alone in a march through the city. There was even 40 world leaders that attended and linked arms in a show of defiance and solidarity against these murderous people that want to cause anarchy and trouble across the free world.


Yet nother busy day at the CAD coalface

Like yesterday the CAD station was firing sparks, so many Planning Applications to clear through.

I’m desperately trying to keep my head above water, think I’m just about managing it albeit that I am taking a couple of lungful’s of water!

I think that there maybe less to do tomorrow but not really, could be worse though as I could be sat with nothing to do.

Windows 7 upgrade is causing some concern as AutoCAD has to be re-installed on each machine which means that all the file paths are missing. Tried to replicate my machine but there seems to be issues that even I as the CAD Manager are struggling to solve. I’ve even have had to call in the cavalry with our CAD suppliers CADLine having a look.

I’ve managed to get in touch with a couple of ex colleagues today from Povall Worthington days, the good old days before CAD when the drawing board was king. Lets hope we can all get together for a catch-up beer soon.

After mowing the rear lawn I’ve had a lazy evening with Mrs C catching up with some of the back-log on the Sky+ machine.

It’s been a little cooler today as predicted too.

A busy day in the office with CAD but a quiet day overall

Another warm day today but not as warm as the past couple of days.

It was a busy day in the office today, with a folder full of sketches & scribbles that need working up in CAD and converting to planning applications for the education team, Yep folks it that time of the year again as we get ready for the summer holidays at schools and while the kids are out the builders are in.

Managed to clear a couple which has reduced the pressure a little but tomorrow will be the same.

The evening meal tonight was the left overs from the BBQ yesterday & it was a meat feast, chicken , sausages and burgers all with a nice crisp salad.

Checked up on my mate John who is riding in the Isle of Mann TT races for the 1st time tonight and he seems to be settling in quite well.

Here is a link to Saturday’s practice


keep it steady Mr Ingram.

Off now to catch up with Mrs C, night all.