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St George’s Day

Well today was St George’s Day not that you’d have known, even the square outside Sinclair’s Oyster Bar  was dead a s i walked past tonight! Usually its full of police watching out for trouble.

St Patrick’s Day is a totally different day altogether celebrated by all.

This morning was spent catching up with CAD Management issues that had built up over the past couple of weeks, whilst this afternoon was spent in a meeting between our CAD suppliers (CADLine) & our Procurement Team.

Lazy evening, caught up with episode 5 of Homeland, some twists & turns in the story-line.

Back in the office

Finally got back to the office today after being off over Easter & being on site yesterday. Great to see the lads & lasses again at work, I’ve missed them all 😉

I had some CAD Management backlog to get through then a team meeting & finished the day off drawing up yesterdays survey.

Mrs C has been off work ill today with what appeared to be the same symptoms as I had last week, not nice but she’ll be on the mend soon enough.