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Another Birthday weekend has passed me bye

Well last weekend another birthday passed me bye.

We celebrated my birthday all weekend, starting the birthday celebrations off on the Friday lunch-time with a couple of beers at a pub close to the office. As is customary on your birthday its your shout at the bar. We ended up this birthday celebration at a new bar on Piccadilly Approach called Piccadilly Tap. The bar is simple inside with just a couple of ‘poser’ tables & a few small traditional tables all with stools. But where they are lacking in furniture they make up for in beer selection, as they have three large blackboards on the walls with about ten beers per blackboard. All the beers range in style, flavour & cost. Take my word its well worth a visit if your visiting Manchester City centre.

Saturday was my birthday & we had a lazy start. Michele was the only one up with me as both younger boys were still in bed, no call from Andrew either, but I did get a text off Sam my daughter. Later that afternoon I had a visit from my mother-in-law who called over with a card and some money for me. Not long after the mother-in-law left I was on my way to collect my daughter and grandson. Matt my son-in-law was catching us all up later as he was at Old Trafford watching Manchester United. By the time we got back Mum, Dad & Aunty Jilla had already got to ours and were being ably entertained by Michele. Lewis had already left for work as he was on nights at Manchester’s Radisson Blu Hotel but before he left  did get a card with some money in it for my birthday. Josh too came up trumps with a card & money. Sam, Matt & Harry bought me Alex Ferguson’s new book called Leading along with some money.

Later on the Saturday night my brother & his family joined us along with Helen & her family. The Bray’s unfortunately were not in attendance as Warren was working nights & Dawn was already out with Adam. However they did call up the Sunday before with a card for me.

The card that travelled the furthest was the one from Chicago as my cousin Julie, Joe, Elle and Chris had sent one over for my birthday.

It was a late night as the birthday party wrapped up at 01:00hrs. I was then unceremoniously kicked out of bed at 03:00hrs for snoring, but that was due to the head cold I was starting to get coming out.  I was then woken by Lewis coming in at 05:00hrs who was having a rant about a dangerous taxi driver who’d brought him home. Then at 08:00hrs my grandson Harry was up and about. Matt and I kept him entertained until 09:00hrs when we made a drink for Grandma and took it upstairs to wake her.

Sunday was a day for relaxation after the busy birthday celebrations the day before. Even Drew made an appearance to wish me happy birthday and for a brief period I had all four of my darling kids under the same roof.

The week before my birthday celebrations was a busy one in the office as we’d rebranded from EC Harris to our parent company name ARCADIS. We had been part of their group for the past four years but now was the right time to become fully integrated. But this was fraught with branding issues as all our branded documents had to be rebranded. The CAD ones were poor and not as slick as what we had had previously. So it was a week of attempting to put these right. As I type now there are still some discussions on-going and tweaks being made to them!

This weekend was supposed to be a quiet one with the only appointment in the diary a visit to Wigan College’s open day for us to look round with Josh who finishes year 10 in June 2016. After the visit Josh appeared to change his opinion of Wigan College from poor to ‘it looks OK’

Saturday night was a must win game of Rugby Union for England v Australia with the winner progressing from the group stage to the knock-out rounds. I dont usually watch the rugby but I gave it a go. It was OK but England got beat by Australia, so that’s England out of the World Cup. At least the rugby shirts will be cheap now, why not check them out on Amazon!

Sunday was a double header of football with the Liverpool derby at Goodison and then Arsenal v Manchester United at 16:00. Everton and Liverpool drew 1-1 and it wasn’t long after the final whistle that Liverpool’s Manager Brendan Rodgers got the sack. Manchester United were convincingly beaten by Arsenal 3-0, which means United drop to 3rd place below Arsenal & it’s back to the drawing-board for Louis Van Gaal.

From CAD Manager to Paper Boy!

Oh how the mighty fall!

I’ve gone from the UK CAD Manager of a Built Asset Consultancy to a humble paper boy in the fair swoop of 90 minutes!

I got home from work this evening with a plan to sit in the garden with a nice cold bottle of wine and a book to have it all snatched away in an instant.

The middle son’s papers had been dropped off ready for him to deliver but guess what due to his trip to A & E the other day he’s unable to do them & guess who is his substitute in waiting MEEEEEEEEEEEEE 🙁

So straight after my evening meal I was up cart packed with papers  & leaflets & on my way. 90 minutes later the cart was empty & I was back at home just in time for a good cuppa but no beer!

How come though it takes him 2-3 hours to do the same paper round that it took me 90 minutes?

Because I’m super Dad.

Will I get his wages though or should I let him have them? I maybe able to buy a couple of pints with the money in The Bulls Head tomorrow lunch 🙂

However now that the paper round is out of the way I can have the weekend to myself.

Lets hope the weather stays like it is as it was 31 degrees on the dashboard tonight on my way home from Manchester.

Have a good weekend folks

Chaos on the CAD front

All started very well today on the CAD front until the phone rang. “AutoCAD LT2012 wont install” was the cry. Started to delve a little deeper into the problem & it seems that we had maxed out on our AutoCAD LT2012 installs according to Autodesk. But we hadn’t, we were still under our limits. It seems that during our current refresh from Windows XP to Windows 7 the IT guys are re-installing a like-for-like software back onto the machines being upgraded. So when this particular machine had all its software re-installed & asked Autodesk for its authorisation codes the robot at Autodesk went ‘hold up you are installing more than you have’.

I managed to claw back a couple of redundant licences & raised the issue with our CAD suppliers CADLine. They have escalated the problem direct with Autodesk but in the interim period I’ve asked IT to deploy a Network version of AutoCAD 2012 to keep the user up & running. But even this caused problems as there seemed to be an issue with the deploy paths.

Hopefully all of this will be sorted by tomorrow.

On a family front we had the youngest ones parents evening at High School which we only made by the skin of our teeth as I was a couple of minutes late leaving work & to make the drive more interesting as it was teaming down with rain.

Organised ourselves with the layout of the school, it does help having had a son there for the past 5 years though, but there were so many green parents wandering around looking totally bemused 🙂

The queuing system seems to get worse year on year so we opted for the stealth approach & looked for teachers with small or no queues whatsoever, then go back to the ones that were busy later on.

The report wasn’t fully what we expected & the youngest one knows that he’s got to lift his game a lot more than he is doing. We don’t expect to get another report like that again. Easy to see what his best lesson is though as it’s science.

Spoke with mum & dad too & they have got back from 6 days in Dawlish with their friends which listening to them both they have enjoyed immensely.

What will tomorrow hold for us all?