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Wigan sunset


Well I’ve been MIA for the past couple weeks now without a post, but I’m now here to rectify that with a new post called MIA. Well I’ve not exactly been MIA (Missing In Action) but more like TLB (Too Lazy to Blog).

Work has been steadily getting busier with more & more requests for AutoCAD to be deployed to our community of CAD users, this is not restricted to just the UK but also includes the Middle East too. Asia I presume have also seen an increase in software requests but I’ve not had a conversation with them for a couple of weeks.

We have also been undertaking our PDR (Personal Development Reviews) at work which is used to measure how well we have developed as individuals over the past twelve months as well as acting as a mechanism for bonus & pay reviews. I’ve had a new team leader for the past 6 months & hopefully he has now seen what value I bring to the business which in turn I hope will give me a relatively good score. 😀

We have also had my old team Christmas meal out on Friday just gone where we enjoyed a very good night out at Pie & Ale just off Lever Street in Manchester. We were due to eat out at Bem Brazil, we had paid our £5 deposit for a £25 set meal some 6 weeks earlier but on the day they rang us to tell us that the cost had just gone up to £40 each & was that OK, no was the reply, so they asked if £30 was OK, no the answer was again. OK we’ll do it for £25 they said, to which the reply was no don’t bother can we have our deposit back as we are not coming now! Their loss!!

This week coming is Autodesk University in Las Vegas where 8000 avid Autodesk users come together to see where & how Autodesk is going in the coming years.

I had some training for Revit at Leeds United Football Ground – Elland Road on Wednesday & was given a tour around the ground afterwards by an ex player called Brendan Ormsby – what a nice man he was too.

Family – all the 4 kids appear to be well albeit that we don’t see much of them as they are either busy with work or busy enjoying their lives.

Christmas is round the corner & we have almost finished our Christmas shopping with only a few bits left to get. It does make it easier now we don’t have to drag them around the shops. Christmas shopping is almost a pleasure.

Winter sunset over Hindley Green. Wigan
Winter sunset over Hindley Green. Wigan


We were treated to yet another fantastic sunset over Wigan on Saturday night, see the shot to the side.





Football – United are still having too may draws to make any real impact on the Premier league this year, but I’m sure David Moyes will find the right combination as he gets to know his team.

There were 2 big historic events this week at Old Trafford, Ryan Giggs reach 40 years old & still managed to play a full 90 minutes on the Wednesday before his birthday. Also it was 21 years since Eric Cantona had moved from Leeds United to Manchester United – wow how time flies by.

I’m back!

Well after two weeks of silence I’m back with a fresh blog.

The silence was a self imposed exile on the blog front, mainly due to me having nothing to say!

WORK – work has been busy with more requests for autocad being requested from around the EC Harris teams and not just the UK. There has been a request from our team in Qatar for additional CAD seats, which we are close to organising. Elsewhere we are undergoing a project to refresh all of the legacy autocad seats and upgrade them to the current 2014 versions. A big thank you to the IT Helpdesks in Asia, Middle East and UK for helping out with the big push.

MUFC – united have started to push through an early troublesome spell and prove that champions don’t just lose the ability to win overnight. I also think that David Moyes is getting used to his players albeit that I still don’t think he knows what is his number one squad, as well as the players getting used to a fresh face at the helm. I also believe that out of the 76000 fans at Old Trafford there must only be a few left who remember the bad old days of Sexton, Docherty & Atkinson!

FAMILY – the kids are all well. Sam, Matt & Harry are working hard on the house as well as Harry now mastering the art of walking. He is a mans man apart from Sam. Drew & Fran are still in Hong Kong but due back this week, bet they’ve had a great time. Lewis has been hard at work this week at The Radisson as it’s been half term, he was also off today which gave him a rare chance to go out with his mates into Leigh. Josh has turned into a horrible teenager, as all we seem to do at the moment is clash – but as I keep reminding him there are two adults at home & he isn’t one of them! It was also my nephews birthday this weekend so we had a family birthday party to attend.

So that’s the news of the past couple of weeks, see you all soon


1st April 2013

There has been no post over the Easter break as my web-site had been infected by a virus.

Why do the hackers attack us and why put virus’s out there what is the fun in that?


I’ve spent the afternoon fixing the issues and if this post gets uploaded OK I’ll post a new more thorough post tomorrow.

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