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Chicago 2018 – Day Eleven

Today is the day we leave Niagara & head back to Lisle.

After the three night stop over in Niagara we are heading back across Canada & the States to Chicagoland.

Thankfully the weather was overcast and cool for the projected 8.5hr 450 mile road trip. A quick fill up for gas at the gas station and then we were off.

We tried several times to look for a Subway enroute but more often than not failed to find one, then we spotted a sign & off we went, after several miles of driving through a town we were about to give up when Elle had a brainwave and suggested that Subway were always hear a McDonald’s & true to form there they were. Provisions gathered for breakfast & lunch & we were off again.

Now for the dreaded wait at the immigration point to get back into the US. Again another 45 minutes wait. this time we paid $3.25 as opposed to the $3 on the way out. Stopped to have our passports checked by a very nice immigration officer who asked me what happened with my ESTA renewal? Not that he didn’t already know the answer but I obliged & let him know my wife had made an error & he skilled and said the young lady sat next to me? After what I thought would of been a problem turned out to be OK & we were soon on our way again but this time on US soil.

At some point on the drive all three of my female companions were all asleep or dozing & I was alone to my own thoughts.

Another stop for more gas at a dodgey gas station where I had to go in & pay for the gas. Mrs C needs to check the credit card as I did not get good vibes from the attendant.

As we got closer to Chicago we got the rush hour traffic & to add to the fun we had some rain too. Then we were back at Julie’s. While the titled unpacked and started on the laundry Elle headed off to see Shiloh the horse & I went I search of a pizza store. A couple of Stella Artois for me & Fanta for Julie & we were all ready for bed. Elle 1st followed shortly after by Julie then myself while Mrs C finished watching the Good Dr on TV. I’m sure as soon as my head but the pillow I was out.

Chicago 2018 – Day Nine

We woke early enough as the daylight crept through the curtains to the most wonderful view of the waterfalls of Niagara

Once showered & dressed which was easier than 1st expected we headed out for breakfast, coffee & bagels with cream cheese.

We woke moved the car from the hotel parking to the casino parking lot opposite the hotel to save on the $60/night parking charge. The casino has a strange parking set up that you pay on exit no matter how many days you park for you only pay the exit charge for that day today would be $20 while Monday would be only $5.

Off down to the falls & closer up they are impressive. We booked a trip on the Hornblower ferry boat that would take us right up to the falls. queing was not too long & boarding soon took place with us all smartly dressed with our plastic red poncho’s & off we went. What a great experience it was being at the foot of the falls.

We then walked along the river towards the Horseshoe falls & had lunch and a beer and another glass of Chardonay for Julie.

More walking & we headed off towards the main striped in Niagara which sadly made Blackpool in the UK look smart. Very tacky indeed & a shame it’s allowed to be built up that way 🙁

Back at the hotel Mrs C nearly got electrocuted by a faulty switch on a bed side lamp that started to smoke. A quick call to housekeeping  & it was all fixed.

Elle is dozing while Julie, Mrs C & I are watching the light face over the falls, still impressive.

As we have exhausted Niagara & agree that two days is too much we are heading off to Toronto about 60 miles away to see what is there.

Chicago 2018 – Day Two

After a restful night where we finally kicked the UK time zone we woke early but not too early and have breakfast on Julie rear porch in the sunshine.

The day was starting to warm up & again would be in the 80’s

Mrs C snoozed in the sun while I cut back a bush for Julie at the front which would allow easier access for the builders who is due to start early this week replacing the timber cladding to the side & front. An easy job for me but a little difficult in the clammy heat.

While Julie went off to the gym Mrs C & I headed off to Binnys at Downers Grove in search of some pink gingham. Result Mrs C happy.

In the afternoon we went out to see Shiloh, Elle’s horse at a farm about 15 minutes drive away. Elle is in her element with the horses. Shiloh came towards the stable the minute he heard her voice. He seems a cheeky character & was busy kicking the stable door to get Elle to open it, then after he was let in the stable he was trying to open the inner gate with his mouth to follow Elle!

Early evening we headed out to downtown Napperville for something to eat and a couple of drinks.

First stop was Jimmy’s Grill for a beer. A nice local bar with a selection of IPS’s

Second stop was BD’s Mongolian Grill for some food. Not my first choice as it was one of the self service style eateries but all that said the food was excellent. You were given a bowl & told to choose your own incredible & take them to the grill to be stir fried.

Third stop was a roof top terrace bar & grill called Santo Cielo. A nice hip trendy place to be seen. We sat at the bar Julie had Chardonnay , Mrs C had a fun cocktail but wasn’t that impressed as it had celery in it. For all its quality my beer was just server in the tin with no glass. The second round of drinks was missed by Mrs C, Julie again with Chardonay while I had a Moito.

Then back to Julie’s in an Uber driven by an Eritraian refugee who was very chatty.

when we went to Ginny’s I chose an award winning IPA from a local brewery & had one as a night cap. Good choice GAC.