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Old boys gathering

The week at the heart of the UK Engineering Applications hub has been a busy one with a mixture of tickets being raised with technical support being requested to new software requiring ordering. We do seem to be getting a large volume of tickets being raised at the moment. I do say though that in most cases it’s not the IT or software causing the problems but the users! Maybe more training or less access to the software settings or maybe both!

Friday though was the ‘Old Boy’s gathering. Hamlin had set the wheels in motion for us to get together something we’d not done since December last year! The ‘old boy’s’ are a group of ex-colleagues who worked together over the years and mainly got together at Povall Floor + Wilson (PF+W) in the late 90’s. but as time passed by moved on & worked at other companies, however we have all kept in touch.

There were only 6 of us who were able to make the gathering at The Rising Sun in Manchester which is our usual haunt. Guess what by the time Phil Beswick & I got there just before 18:00 the guys were in their usual spot in the window. The beer, laughter & stories flowed all night long and with 300+ years in age for the 6 of us there was some story telling. Nothing to eat which is always dangerous meant I was busy looking for something to eat on the wall home from Hindley rail station. At 22:30 on a Friday night I was appalled that there are no open chippys but if you want pizza, curry or kebab you are heartily catered for. So it was a kebab for me to help soak the beer up.

Up early on Saturday as United had the lunch time KO against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Not a had game for the neutral to watch. Chelsea went 1-0 up after some slack defending by Paul Pogba allowing Rudiger to score in the 21st minute. United rallied round with a better 2nd half performance where Anthony Martial scored twice before Ross Barkley scored the equaliser in the 96th minute for Chelsea. So many time over the years had we used all minutes available to us & often teased by opposition fans calling it Fergie time that we got undone by our own best asset. As the Chelsea fans jumped with joy there was a minor bust-up on the touchline as one of Chelsea’s backroom staff twice ran past Jose Mourinho celebrating in his face before Mourinho was up out of his seat. At the end of the game there were chants of F*ck off Mourinho from some of the Chelsea fans. Strange behaviour as he is their most successful manager. Chelsea staff & fans equal no class.

Today we’ve had mum & dad over for tea. Nice to see them as we’ve not seen them for two weeks. They both look well. We even got a Skype call from Sam, Harry & Nancy who again I’d not heard from in a couple of weeks. Harry has lost a tooth & the tooth fairy had left a £2 coin. Wow inflation is at a high as 50 years ago I was only getting a sixpence (old money) equivalent to 2.5 pence in New money.

Chicago 2018 – Day Sixteen

The countdown is on for us leaving after an enjoyable but relaxing time here in Chicago with my cousin Julie & her family. But we still have a couple of days left 🙂

Today the weather was cooler again, but we can’t complain about the weather as we have been blessed with some very good late summer sun.

I was up early doors today to see a dismal performance by United at West Ham by losing 3-1. West Ham played well but United packed energy, leadership (on & off the pitch), creativity but most of all the desire to win. Mourinho looks a beaten man & lacking the skills to get what is needed out of his players. The players look like they don’t care of even have the ambition to turn things around & prove to the fans that they are worth the millions they get paid to play for our club. The board appear oblivious to the problems on the pitch as the club do so well off the pitch with the financials. It’s not just one element to the club that is failing it appears to be most of it. They have lost the values that have been built up over the last 100+ years. the board are making chaotic decisions that are detrimental to the heartbeat of the club. major changes are required fast to correct the wrong that has happened since Fergie stepped down.

Julie was up early too & sat with me keeping an eye on the game while she chatted to her mum back home in the UK. It won’t be long before she too comes out to the States though to see Julie, Chris & Elle.

Once the game finished Julie & I finished off the gardening we had started while Mrs C packed up the outdoor furniture ready for the winter season. As soon as we were out of the garden the squirrels, Chipmunks & birds were digging away in the compost we had moved looking for anything tasty.

At Lunchtime Mrs C & I walked into Lisle to see the French Market, sadly it was only a couple of stalls selling local produce & not quite what we had expected. So we walked into Lisle village & stopped off at an Italian crepe house for a quick bite to eat. Homemade canoli filled crepe  for me, delicious.

In the evening we took Julie out for dinner at NWB (Next Whiskey Bar) to say thank you for having us. Beer battered cheese curds as a sharing platter to start, Shrimp for Julie, Sliders for Mrs C & I had a Shrimp sandwich. Similar to a fishfinger butty & very tasty. All washed down with a couple of wines for Julie, Baileys for Mrs C & beers for me.

As we started to walk home we were not with a couple of spots of rain.

Then just chilled with Elle when she got home from the barn.

Chicago 2018 – Day Thirteen

It’s my birthday & we have nothing planned today except for lunch with Julie & then a few beers in Lisle with Mrs C.

After yesterday’s storm the air was spot cooler outside but still sunny.

We had a last morning opening birthday cards & reading the kind birthday wishes that had been posted on Facebook.

We managed a quick catch-up with mum & dad, Drew, Josh, Sam, Harry, Nancy, Matt, Warren & Dawn. We missed Lewis as he was working.

At lunchtime Elle kindly drove all four of us to Cooper’s Hawk restaurant & winery, wow very nice indeed.

We all elected to have the lunch size entree’s menu. Elle had the salad & it was big enough for the four of us to eat! Mrs C & Julie had the CHICKEN MADEIRA & I had the COOPER’S HAWK CHICKEN GIARDINIERA. We all had wine except for Elle. Julie had white, Mrs C had Sparkling Rosé & I had Cooper’s Hawk Red. Elle & Mrs C shared a S’MORE BUDINO for desert.

The afternoon was a chilled one with us all sat in the house relaxing. Chris passed through & wished me happy birthday too.

In the evening Mrs C & I headed into Lisle for a couple of drinks, first stop was Evviva bar & grill by Lisle rail station. A busy bar with very casual fittings & a welcoming atmosphere. We had a couple of drinks here before moving on to Lisle Whiskey Bar called NWB. A very trendy smart loaction. We shared the sliders here which were 3 small burger buns, 2 were pulled pork & 1 was a traditional burger – excellent. We had another couple of drinks & I even managed to sneak in a glass of John Drew Rye Whiskey, my first time of trying a Rye a whiskey & it was very nice. Elle kindly picked us up & took us home. Elle also bought me 2 packs of Werther’s toffee – thank you my dear x.

We also managed to speak with Lewis after his work.

Now time for bed.