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Father’s Day 2015

I’ve been a lucky father today as for the first time in a couple of years I’ve had all four out my children with me this afternoon at my daughters for a BBQ on Father’s Day.

As well as celebrating with my four little darlings, I’ve had one son-in-law to be (just under six weeks to go to the wedding), one grandson, one daughter-in-law to be (just under twelve months until the wedding) all sat at the same table for tonight’s tea. The only one missing was my son’s girlfriend who is away at university in Bradford.

Matt had cooked up an absolute delightful Father’s Day BBQ with burgers, sausages, salmon & slow cooked pork on offer. My daughter and grandson will never go hungry being married to this man as he can certainly cook.

Father’s Day gifts this year included new tee shirts, a bottle of Jack Daniels, wine gums, money and a book about life growing up in my home village of Timperley in the 1930’s called Timperley Boy.

The next time we’ll be altogether will be in just under six weeks at Sam & Matt’s wedding.

But before celebrating Father’s Day with my gang we also had my dad and father-in-law to visit and celebrate Father’s Day with them.

What another fantastic day in the sun

Up like a lark this morning to another fantastic sun bathed garden, Not much of a breeze today either.

Unfortunately I had to work this morning & managed to get a couple of hours in before my will power gave up.

Had a really nice surprise this afternoon as my best mate, his wife and son turned up for a coffee and were persuaded to stay for a BBQ. We didn’t have to try too hard to persuade them. But we do really enjoy having their company so who cares.

Plenty to choose from sausages, chicken drummers, burgers bought and home-made, salad, home-made potato wedges along with egg mayonnaise all washed down with a beer but not for Warren as he was working tonight 🙁

Still really warm at 21:30 outside but really wish it was like this all the time, the sun on your face is one of the best feelings ever.

As an update my friend John Ingram has managed OK in the Isle of Mann TT practice sessions and will be ready for the TT proper tomorrow.

(https://www.facebook.com/groups/150800214993334/) good luck The Ram 56.