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Chicago 2018 – now in the past

After landing back in the UK on Tuesday after 18 days in Chicago with my cousin Julie we’ve had to re-adjust to the alarm going off at 05:20, rush-hour to and from work and getting used to the folder weather that is starting to creep in 🙁

Wednesday morning was interesting at work 500+ emails sat in my inbox & 34 incidents in the Engineering Applications queue for me to deal with. Even by close of business on Friday night I still had 200 emails to catch-up with as well as a mounting workload in the queue. But no whinging as it’s the work that pays the mortgage.

Saturday was a busy day, we both overslept & actually woke at 09:30, but I suppose we needed the sleep. Off we went to see Brenda. She’s seemed well & playful. We had a good your with her before she got bored & started to wander off. From here we went over to Timperley to see mum & dad. They too seemed well & we spent the time catching up with them about our trip to Chicago. Layer in the afternoon we called round at Sam & Matt’s & caught up with them & the grandchildren (Harry & Nancy). Harry & I played dinosaur ‘Top Trumps’ & guess who won? Yes Harry. From Timperley we dashed back home so I could watch United v Newcastle in the Saturday evening game.

United had a shocking game in the 1st half & were 0-2 down after 10 minutes. The second half was a little better but the team had to dig deep to get a result & finally ran out winners 3-2 by the end. Both Woodward (Chief Executive) & Mourinho have a lot of work to do to turn the poor start to the season around. THe fans seem split with some calling for Mourinho to be sacked while others are asking for Woodward to go!

After the game we headed out to our friends Darren & Tracy to catch-up with them. Avoid chat & a couple of beers & then it was hometown.

I woke up at 04:20 on Sunday morning & checked to see if Conor McGregor had already fought in UFC:229 against Nurmagomedov but he hadn’t so I sat & watched some of the undercard. The right actually started at about 05:20 & McGregor was out-fought by Nurmagomedov who won with a choke God & submission by McGregor. There was terrible scenes at the end of the right with Nurmagomedov jumping into the crowd & trading punches with some of McGregor’s corner team, then McGregor was attacked by 3 of Nurmagomedov team in the ring. Maybe this is all a stage act to boost earrings for a return bout in the future!

After a live-in on Sunday I was up to do the last now of the lawn before winter, vacuum all of the house & tidy the garage. Mrs C & I started to watch some TV before Warren & Dawn called round to see us. The brought me a nice bottle of whiskey for my birthday – many thanks.

later in the evening I had a catch-up with my brother before settling down to watch Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL.

Chicago 2018 – Day Nineteen

…………..did we make the connection flight from Dublin to Manchester?

Yes we did after leaving O’Hare airport in Chicago 55 minutes late we managed to touchdown in Dublin on-time due to strong tailwinds, that was the quickest I’ve gone across the Atlantic with us being in the air for 6 hrs & 10 minutes. We did have 20 minutes of taxiing at O’Hare & 9 minutes at Dublin to add to the journey though so just shy of a total of 6 hrs & 40 minutes gate to gate.

A short transfer & wait in Dublin before we were on our second flight of the day. Once we were all boarder we pushed back from the gate then stopped! The pilot explained that the wait was due to Dublin being busy at that time of day & we were in a queue of 8 planes all wanting to leave Dublin. So get again we were late but this time only 25 minutes & again we made time up crossing the Irish Sea & landed in Manchester on time. Even the bags were on the carousel as we got in to the baggage hall & we were on our way out of the airport to be collected by Terry from Conrad’s Executive Travel & Private Hire. We’d used Conrad’s previously & were impressed with their service & cost.

Now home & I’m not being yelled at by Mrs C for the state of the house! Previous stints of leaving the boys at home has resulted in me being yelled at for the state that the boys have left the house in, but this time the boys had saved my ears & had actually spent some time keeping the house tidy 🙂

The afternoon we spent the time trying to stay awake, not that easy as we both nodded off set times for short spells.

Mrs C sat watching TV in bed in the evening while I watched Manchester United in the Champions League group stage against Valencia – big mistake as it was another lack luster game with a 0-0 draw.

Now off to sleep ready for the alarm in the morning at 05.20 & back to work.

Chicago 2018 – Day Eighteen

Today sadly is our last day in Chicago 🙁

Julie had already left for Atlanta by the time we woke. Lazy breakfast & final check of the bags ready for the short drive to O’Hare airport. Elle was up & spending the last hour with us. We’ll miss her & I’m sure she’ll miss us!

Heavy bags loaded into the car & off to the gas station to fill up before the 1st stop of the day at the car rental guys. $25 dollars to fill up, significantly cheaper than the UK. We paid $3.05/gallon whereas the same cost in the UK would have been approx £40 or $52 so a saving to be had in the US!

Car dropped off and then the shuttle bus to T5 but first we had to go via T1, T2, T3 & T4. A nice couple on the bus too on their way home from watching the Buffalo Bills v Greenbay Packers, not a good trip as the Packers had beaten the Bills.

A short wait to check-in & a worrying time for Mrs C as she was risking the amount of shopping she had done & not trying to exceed her 23Kg/bag. Wow she made it with both bags coming in at 22.7Kg each! The queue for the security line was longer but within 25 minutes we were through.

We checked into the KLM lounge rather than sit in the main terminal waiting area. I sat watching the Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers while having a couple of beers. Mrs C had a couple of ‘double’ Baileys with ice & decided that ‘Sober for October’ wasn’t the way forward after-all!

We should have left Chicago at 15:50 but the flight got delayed until 16:06, however once we were all seated on the plane it didn’t leave the tarmac until 16:45. A little bit of a worry as any delay would cause us problems with our connecting flight at Dublin for Manchester as we on had 75 minutes between flights.

Mrs C had a grumble about young children being on long-haul flights as there was one in the seat behind her & one in the middle section of seats 1 row in front of us. However not long after take-off the family behind us were moved to the back of the plane as there was more room for them to spread out. I did remind Mrs C that she was like the children catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang & needed to be more tolerant 😛

Read tomorrows blog to see if we made our connection in Dublin OK …….