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Chicago 2016 – Day Eight (The Wedding)

Well after a week in Chicago waiting for the big day it’s finally arrived.

Michele is better after a day in bed resting. Not sure what caused her to be unwell, maybe it was a bout of being overtired.

Off to Julie and Joe’s for the big day, I dropped Michele off and had to take the car back and walk to the house as the hotel wouldn’t take me back!!

I helped Joe set the wedding venue up with his decorated arch and last out the place settings for Julie while the girls got ready.

Finally Joe and the boys had off to Clara’s where the wedding was being held, Aunty Jilla, Pete, Shirley and Michele went too leaving me with Julie, Sharon, Elle and Joe’s daughter Regan to travel up in store in my first ever ride in a stretch limo.

It was an honour to walk my cousin down the isle for her big wedding day one I’ll remember for the rest of my days. This was only beaten by walking my own daughter Sam down the isle for her wedding day.

The whole day was an experience, the food fantastic and the company even better.

American weddings don’t last long into the night like the ones in the UK but that helped us as we had an afternoon flight the following day back to home.

We called briefly at Julie and Joe’s to do the morning suit off, including suspenders (braces in the UK if you are thinking I’m on the turn!) The big news of the day was the united match had been cancelled as a suspicious package had be found in the main stand. I briefly spoke to Sam and Matt so we’re at the game and they were safe.

Now off to the airport to do the car off and homeward bound after a fantastic week.

Congratulation Julie and Joe’s and thanks for letting us celebrate with you xx

Chicago 2016 – Day Seven (Poorly Wife)

Today has not been what we expected even though the weather this morning has been the best so far with warm sunshine.

We woke up to Michele feeling nauseous, hot then cold, a blocked nose and a headache 🙁

I went off to find a pharmacy, which was not too far a drive. A quick chat with the pharmacist & I was on my way back to the hotel. The first dose of tablets did no good at all as they caused Michele to be violently sick!

As there was nothing I could do Michele told me to catch up with Julie & Joe. But rather burden them with my presence I asked could I borrow their access card for the arboretum at Morton (http://www.mortonarb.org) & off i went on my own to chill.

after parking the car at the main visitor centre car park I elected to walk the perimeter trails 1, 2, 3 & 4 including the extension to ‘Big Rock’ I had a couple of hours walking on my own in perfect weather conditions. I even took a detour up to the ‘Big Rock’ which reportedly was left there by a glacier millions of years ago. The trail close to the visitor centre was busy but the further away you got the quieter it was & at some points i didn’t see anyone for 15+ minutes.

Arriving back at the visitor centre i stopped off for a loom at the displays & have a refreshing fruit yogurt. I chatted with the visitor centre staff who advised I’d walked about 5 miles. A really enjoyable time as I don’t usually get to spend so long in my own company. At one point on the walk I’m sure I heard a woodpecker in the tree canopy above me.

Arriving back at Julie & Joe’s I was told Joe had gone out to clear his head but if i wanted to join him for a pint by all means do so. So off i went to Warren’s Ale House at Weaton (http://www.warrensalehouse.com) where i found him perched at the bar. After a chat & a beer I left Joe & headed off to see how Michele was. All seemed OK, but still tucked up in bed. The only thing bothering her now was a headache.

I went back to Joe & Julie’s to meet Tom Joe’s best man who had just arrived from San Diego. Julie & the girls had been out to have their nails done but soon arrived back. Nor long after they got back & Julie  had had confirmation of the house report. There was still some work to agree on but things seem to be going in the right direction.

Just as I was about to leave Joe’s dad appeared after his drive from his home a few hours away. I said my goodbyes & went to get Michele out of bed & some food in her.

Now sat in bed writing my blog before an early night ready for tomorrow.


Chicago 2016 – Day six (lazy day)

Today has been the laziest day of the trip so far

I had a Skype call with my mum this morning, before we headed out for breakfast or was that brunch? We went to Butterfield’s again but this time all I wanted was a simple BLT! But not in the USA don’t get me wrong, the food here is great but every late is oversized, there are no half measures. The BLT was like half a loaf with crusts included. Then there was the side of fries too. Nothing is in half measures.

A walk around the shopping mail emptied my pocket rather than the belly I’ve grown over here!

I let Michele drive the car this afternoon on the car park, I’m not a good instructor, no patience, albeit Michele is a good driver, I’m a poor passenger!

We called at Julie and Joe’s late afternoon and caught up with Aunty Jilla, the rest of the house was asleep!

I had errands to do, pick suits up, pick Rachel and Nick up from lisle station and finally get the sandwiches from subway.

I dropped the car off at the hotel and asked for a lift back to Julie and Joe’s only to be told by the Hilton bellhop they won’t drop off at private hoiuses only businesses! Joibsworth

Avoid evening with the family at Julie’s