Peace and quiet over!

The peace and quiet of the past week is now over as the boys are back from Boys Brigade camp!

By the sounds of things they have thoroughly enjoyed their week away with Boys Brigade in Whitby, North Yorkshire. Both boys don’t seem too tired after their exploits, however they have both spent Sunday in peace and quiet at home.

Our week of peace and quiet has been one of being at work during the day and then relaxing at home in peace and quiet 🙂

Mrs C however ended up with conjunctivitis on Tuesday and had a very red, weeping sore left eye. We went to the walk-in centre and were only kept waiting for a while. She was prescribed an ointment for her eye which worked wonders and showed signs of easing the very next day. However being a stubborn lady Mrs C still went into work even though she was unable to see properly!

On Friday we had a couple of friends up from London for the weekend. They had a terrible journey along the M25 from not too far from Heathrow as well as a slow trip up the M6. However they made it up and our vending meal (chicken and crisps) was waiting for them.

Friday night was spent with beer and wine sat in the sun room chewing the fat over with them as we hadn’t seen them in person since August last year when they traveled into London to catch up with us while we were down here.

Saturday was a quick breakfast of bacon butties before we headed off to Liverpool for the day. Brian was blamed for the curse of the traffic jam as we’d no sooner got to the East Lancs Road than we were sat in traffic! Then again as we headed through the Everton Valley we were hit with another traffic jam as it appeared as Liverpool were at home. Eventually we made it and parked up. The day was spent meandering around Liverpool before we headed home. Yet again we were hit with Brian’s curse as we ended up in more traffic, this time the traffic leaving Anfield!

On returning home we were met with a washing line with drying clothes on and a fresh batch in the washing machine – total surprise

Saturday night Mrs C, Helen, Brian and myself went out to Andiamo’s for a very nice Italian while the boys had a takeaway at home.

Sunday was a lazy day as Helen and Brian returned home safe and sound and in a better queue free trip compared to Fridays .

What will this next week bring?

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