Party Wife & a trip to A & E

I was up & at my laptop for 07:00 sharp this morning as I was working from home.

I was on taxi duty for Mrs C, my daughter & Dix this morning so an early start was needed so I could build the hours up so i could take them to Old Trafford for the Key103 Ladies Lunch.

All dropped off safe & sound at The Manchester Suite, Old Trafford for 11.00 to catch the rest of the ladies up, all 700 of them!

I then set off for work & got within 10 minutes of the office when Mrs C rang to say our youngest had fallen at school & they wanted us to pick him up. I called school to find out what had happened & he’d fallen in PE & landed on his wrist. He was complaining he couldn’t move his wrist & as usual school take no responsibility & pass the book. 3/4 of an hour later I’d got to school, signed him out & was on our way to A & E.

2 x-rays later & a quick check over by the Dr & it was good news NO BREAK but just badly sprained. They fixed him up with a sling for the weekend & released us.

Quick dart back to school & he was dropped off & I was on my way home to get some work done. I spent the afternoon sorting CAD issues that were being caused by DRM block on the title sheets.

Then back off to Old Trafford to pick the 3 ladies back up. Looked like & smelled like they’d had a good time, only 1 not drinking was my daughter but she is 5+ month pregnant.

Listening to them babel on in the car they seemed to have enjoyed themselves albeit that the tables were a little bit detached from each other & were not as close to the stage & runway as last year. How dare they treat VIP guests this way! But they did enjoy themselves & have already started plotting next years Ladies Lunch.

Back home this evening we had a lengthy conversation with my cousin, her daughter, my aunt & my cousin’s partner who live out in the US. The weather over there looks so nice at the moment & of course i got the usual badgering by Mrs C to go over & visit. Maybe soon 😉

Lazy weekend ahead i hope,

Oh & if you are interested the sling is off & the cheeky little sod is feeling a lot better! TYPICAL!

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